Impact Report 9/15/20

Sep 15, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Rich Swann will make an appearance tonight!  What will his presence mean to Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young?  Find out tonight!

Madison Rayne and Josh Matthews are on the call once again.  The set is an empty arena with a lit up stage overlooking the ring.

The show begins with a highlight package from last week’s episode.  It showcases the Tommy Dreamer’s match with EY.  Rich Swann made the save of Tommy Dreamer when EY was beating Dreamer with a cane.

Match 1.  Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee VS Susie and Kylie Rae

Purrazzo and Kimber Lee enter the ring first.  Susie and Kylie head out next.  Susie is acting more strange every week.  Her flashbacks seem to happen more frequently.  Kylie and Purrazzo start off for their respective teams.  Purrazzo locks on a arm twist, but Kylie rolls out of it.  Deonna returns the favor when Kylie locks the arm twist on her.  Deonna tags in Kimber Lee.  Kylie hits an arm drag and pulls Kimber into the corner.  Susie tags in and her and Kylie hit a tandem bulldog.  Kimber Lee kicks out at two.  Deonna knees Susie in the back against the ropes, and Kimber Lee hits a pump kick.  Susie drops to her feet and Kimber locks on a leg lock until she drags her to the corner and makes a tag.  Deonna works over Susie in the corner.  Susie hits a sunset flip out of the corner, but only gets a count of two.  Deonna regains control and tags in Kimber Lee.  Lee kicks Susie several times and makes a quick tag.  Purrazzo hits a high knee, but takes a reverse atomic drop.  Susie makes the tag to Kylie.  Kylie hits a running clothesline on Kimber Lee.  She then hits the Kylie Special.   Kimber Lee falls to the corner.  Deonna tries to interject, but falls on Kimber Lee.  Kylie tags Susie, who then takes a German Suplex from the suddenly revived, Kimber Lee.  Susie gets to her feet and chases Kimber Lee who is now on the top of the turnbuckle.  She hits the Aracnaronna on Kimber Lee, then hits a Panic Switch.  Susie then has another flashback, but gets the three count.  Kylie rushes to Susie to stop her from getting more angry.

Winners.. Kylie Rae and Susie

Madison and Josh are shown talking about tonight’s show.  Madison doesn’t trust Susie.  Josh mentions the returning Rich Swann.

Rohit is shown back stage.  Trey asks him when he gets a shot at the X Division match.  Rohit says he is sorry, but there is a lot of guys ahead of him.

Backstage Bravo is still making wedding plans when Steelz and Kiera start back in on him for not picking them as the best man.  Fallah walks up and Bravo says he is his best man.  The two girls walk off annoyed as Fallah smiles and asks Bravo if he is really the best man.  Bravo says yes.

Match 2.  XXXL VS The Deaners

Cody and Cousin Jake head out to the ring, beers in hand.  Acey and Larry D look confident as the cousins enter the ring.  Cody bows to Acey and brings up the truce the teams had in Wrestle House.  Acey just kicks him in the stomach when he bends over.  Larry D. tags in and slams Cody and gets a two count.  Larry lays the boots to Cody repeatedly.  He gets another two count.  Acey tags back in.  He chops Cody off his feet in the corner.  XXXL is acting more like rule breakers in this match.  Acey punishes Cody in the corner and Larry tags back in.  He hits a back elbow and another boot to the back of the head.  Cody rolls to the corner and makes the hot tag to Jake.  Jake hits a sidewalk slam on Larry D.  Acey enters and Cody runs in.  They double shoulder block Acey.  Jake then slams the enormous Acey.  Larry gets to his feet and hits his vicious right hand punch to Jake and gets the three count.

Winners XXXL

Larry and Jake stand tall as we go to break.

Match 3.  Trey VS TJP

This should be an outstanding scientific match.  The two trade moves on the mat for a few minutes with each nipping up to smile at each other.  TJP  cartwheels out of a arm ringer.  The two simply are putting on a clinic of sweet science.  TJP ends up putting Trey in a version of a crab into a reverse neck twist.  Trey struggles to get to the ropes.  TJP hits a Swanton from the outside after slamming Trey.  He then goes back to the leg and locks on a standing front leg lock with a front face lock.  Trey breaks the hold, but dropkicks Trey as he tried to get to the top rope.  Trey fights back shortly, but TJP starts working on the hamstring of Trey.  Trey then takes a swinging DDT.  TJP misses off the top rope and Trey hits a double knee to the chest.  He then hits the double knee off the top rope for the win.

Winner Trey Miguel.

Backstage Wentz and Dez are getting battered at the hands of The North and Fulton and Ace Austin.  By the time the Motor City Machine Guns arrive, the damage is done.   The Rascalz are part of the main event tonight.  We will see if they can answer the bell.

Back from the break, the Doctor backstage says there is no way the Rascalz can wrestle tonight.  Alex Shelley makes a dig at AEW about the CAT scan.  The Good Brothers come out and say they will step in and help the MCMGs tonight in the match VS The North and Fulton and Ace.

Rich Swann comes out next.  As he walks out, they air the attack by EY that put Rich Swann back on the shelf and into retirement.  Back live, Rich calls Scott D’Amore to the ring.  Swann says he had to retire, but when EY became the World Champion he couldn’t take it.  He wants to come back and fight the champion.  D’Amore says he is not being responsible.  He tells him he is not medically cleared.  Swann says he will be ready by Bound For Glory.  D’Amore says he deserves the shot.  D’Amore says he should be next in line, but he can’t do it.  He doesn’t want him to be crippled.  Rich pleads with him.  Rich says he just wants a chance… the opportunity.  He says he doesn’t care if he ends up crippled.  He just wants Eric Young.  He says he is begging him.  If he doesn’t have anything if he doesn’t have this.  D’Amore begins talking, then EY comes out.  He throws D’Amore to the ground.  Rich leaps on him.  EY retreats.  D’Amore then gets up and says he has the match on 10/25.  Swann will face EY for the Championship at Bound for Glory.

Rosemary and Taya are shown backstage.  Taya questions where she was last week when she got attacked.  Rosemary says she has business too with the wedding and resurrection, but she will be out there tonight when she has a match, but she needs her help with the wedding.

Match 4 Brian Myers VS Willie Mack

Willie has lost twice in a row to Myers.  Will Mack realize Myers will cheat to win this time?  Myers gets hip tossed by Mack to start the match and follows it up with a drop kick.  Mack and Myers go to the outside where Myers connects with a side leg sweep on the ramp.  Back in the ring, Myers hits a suplex for a count of two.  After a knee to the back, he attempts to submit Willie with a rear choke hold.  Mack struggles to his feet and throws a weak punch, but Myers sweeps the leg again.  He gets another two count.  Myers rips off the turnbuckle off the corner.  He tries to throw Willie into it.  Mack stops him, but takes a elbow to the face and more knees to the back.  Myers then drops two knees to the face of Mack.  Then Myers goes back to a rear chin lock.  Mack stands out of the hold and hits a back suplex.  Mack is still hurt, but both get to their feet at the same time.  Willie hits a clothesline and spinning back elbow.  He then hits a leg drop for a two count.  Mack takes a kick to the head and slam from Myers.  Myers gets a two count.  Willie hits an exploder suplex and Myers bails from the ring.  Myers crotches Mack and lays in a side walk slam, but only gets a two count.  Myers scales the ropes where the exposed turnbuckle is.  Mack joins him.  They both fall off.  Myers charges the corner and face plants the turnbuckle.  Mack hits the stunner and gets the three count.

Winner Willie Mack

Rosemary asks Havok backstage to resurrect …. Havok cuts her off and says no.  She then punches Rosemary and runs off.

Moose confronts D’Amore about EC3 stalking him.  D’Amore tells him to basically grow up and get over it.  D’Amore says he is making it up like his make believe championship.  D’Amore exits saying he has real problems to deal with.  Moose then sees a video image of EC3 on the wall.  He is holding a knife and threatening to destroy the belt.  Moose then gets on the phone asks for help from the Demo God on what to do when a belt gets stolen.  (Chris Jericho)  He gets off the phone and says he knows what to do.

Next Rhino sneaks Heath in the building.

Jordynne Grace stops a photoshoot for Tenille Dashwood to tell her she has a match next week.  They go back to taking pictures when Grace exits.

Match 5 Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) VS Taya Valkyrie

Taya is looking for help from Rosemary, but Rosemary is not there yet.  Taya starts quickly laying the boots to Hogan.  Kiera can’t crawl away fast enough.  Taya just tosses her from the ring.  She gets her back in and hits a back elbow off the ropes.  Hogan looks beaten, but hits a low blow.  She tries a neck breaker, but Taya just overpowers her and tosses her from the ring again.  Hogan re enters and is crushed into the corner.  Tasha pulls Hogan from the ring.  Tasha then scratches Taya’s eyes from the ring apron.   Hogan then sneaks back in the ring and hits the swinging neck breaker and gets a three count.

Winner Kiera Hogan

Rhino challenges Hernandez to a arm wrestling match again.  Heath sneaks behind Hernandez and steals the money.  Rhino then says forget it and leaves.   lol.  Heath runs off with the money and a confused Hernandez has no idea what is going on.

Chris Bey confronts Rohit backstage.  Bey says he owes him a rematch.  Rohit says TJP beat him, so he is next in line.  TJP then walks ups up and says he is next up.  Trey then walks up and says he beat TJP.  He should be next.  Rohit backpedals everything he said and says they should all get in the ring and have a 3 way match.  Rohit says they should talk to management.  He then says if they have a triple threat match the winner will get a match.  Rohit looks worried as he accepts his fate.

Match 6. Fulton and Austin and The North VS The MCMG’s (Tag Champs) and Gallows and Anderson

The MCMG’s looked concerned backstage when the Good Brothers offered their help earlier.  We will see if this will work out.  The champs head out last.  Anderson will start for his team against Ace Austin.  Anderson connects with a boot to the midsection, and whip to the corner.  Anderson throws Ace to their corner and Gallows takes over where his partner left off.  He simply beats Ace to a pulp in the corner.  He tags back in Anderson.  Karl gives a stiff tag to the chest of Chris Sabin  after connecting with some more damage to Ace.   Sabin did not like the stiff chest tag, but he takes over.  The champs tag each other and do vintage double team moves on Austin.  Fulton seen enough and tries to interject, but the MCMG’s double team him and he crumbles out of the ring as we go to break.

Back from break, Shelley is kicking Josh Alexander.  Alexander fights it off and hits a leaping DDT.  Josh tags in Ethan Page.  Page locks on a front face lock and tags Fulton.  Fulton simply smashes Shelley’s fact repeatedly in the corner.  Shelley reaches for a tag and help, but the Good Brothers barely reach for the tag.  Fulton tags Ace.  He and Fulton double team Shelley.  Ace lands several knee strikes.  Shelley is beaten up at this point.  Ethan Page tags back in, and taunts Chris Sabin as he steps over Shelley.  Page tags back to his partner, Josh Alexander.  Josh boots Shelley until Shelley grabs the leg and whips him.  Ace tags in, and Shelley finally tags in Karl Anderson.  Anderson cleans house.  Eventually he hits a big spine buster for a two count on Page.  Gallows tags in and they attempt the Magic Killer.  Alexander breaks it up.  Shelley knocks out Page,  Fulton and Ace get taken out by Sabin and Shelley.  The Machine Guns double team The North, but that backfires.  Gallows and Anderson make a save.  All the teams are just taking turns hitting high spot after high spot.  Sabin gets double faceplanted by The North.  Ace makes the pin on Sabin, but The North are upset Ace stole the pin.

Winners Ace, Fulton and The North

Both teams seem annoyed with each other after the match as the show ends.




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