Styles on the Bullet Club: “I’m not the leader and never was”

Sep 13, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

During a recent Twitch stream, AJ Styles said that he was never the leader of the Bullet Club. He then admitted that “people don’t want to hear that.”

He gave Finn Balor credit for coming up with the Bullet Club name. If you want to credit someone as the leader, then it was Balor. The two passed each other as they simply “swapped” in NJPW.

“Every time we talk about the Bullet Club, I have to say that I’m not the leader and never was. Apparently, people don’t want to hear that. Finn Balor was the guy that came up with the name for the group. So, if there’s a true leader, it has to be him. Not only did he come up with the name, he was the guy that was first in charge.”

“Literally, we just swapped. His last night was my first night, when I hit Okada in the back. We talked about this, the Bullet Club guys and I, and I told them we didn’t need to have a leader. We could just do our own thing and everyone else follows. I didn’t want to be like, ‘I’m the guy, I’m the leader!’ I didn’t want to do that, but I think that’s why we had so much fun, because everyone was important. Everyone had their place. We had fun with it.”

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