Chris Jericho Insists Matt Hardy Was Unharmed At All Out

Sep 13, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Speaking on his latest Saturday Night Special Q&A session, Chris Jericho opened up about his immediate reaction to the scary fall and reiterated that Matt Hardy is not hurt after all.

“[I was] scared at first, waiting to see if [Matt was] okay, if they were okay. Obviously a stunt gone wrong,” said Jericho. “I just feel whenever you’re falling from that high, we should have some more tables out there and some pads on the floor but guys are brave, and thankfully, Matt was not hurt, no matter what you hear. He did not have a concussion. He was hurt. He banged his head. But, you know, the match ended very quickly after that and, you know, no one really knows what was going on in that. Thankfully, Matt wasn’t hurt and he was on the show this week and I’m sure he’ll be on the show next week, and for many weeks to come. So I’m glad we did not have anything bad happen there.”

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