R-Truth’s Says His memorable Raw segment with Lesnar was a Bet between WWE Heyman & Top Officials in the company

Sep 12, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

R-Truth did an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSport to discuss a wide range of topics.

During the interview, he reflected on a funny segment he was able to do with Paul Heyman and then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar on the January 23, 2020 episode of Monday Night Raw.

It turns out that the entire segment was just a rib on Lesnar as WWE officials had a bet on whether Truth, who is well-liked by Vince McMahon, could make “The Beast” laugh.

Truth started off by meeting with Heyman 20 minutes before the segment and asking what he was supposed to say as he had no promo.
“And Paul is like ‘Well, we have a bet going on. We don’t want Brock to know what you’re about to say. We want you to make Brock laugh.’ I said ‘Huh?!’ He said ‘Truth, you’re a funny a guy and we have a bet that you won’t be able to make Brock laugh. I think you can, but they don’t think you can. So just wing it, we’re just going to wing it out there.

I said ‘Paul, come on,’ and he said ‘The only thing you’ve got to say is you’re going to throw him over the top rope, we’re going to wing it out there, you’re going to make Brock laugh.’”

Truth continued by stating that he wanted to tell Lesnar ahead of time because he didn’t want to surprise him, but Heyman assured him that it was going to be great.

He recalled being in the ring and going on and on while making stuff up on the fly. When he noticed that Lesnar had a confusing look on his face, Truth knew that he had Lesnar.

“I did all I could to hold myself from laughing when I saw Brock bust out laughing because of Paul Heyman’s facial expression.”

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