Jarrett vs. Anthem/Impact Wrestling Lawsuit Saga Continues

Sep 11, 2020 - by James Walsh

The latest hearing in Jeff Jarrett’s lawsuit against Impact parent company Anthem Wrestling has been delayed after a US District Court judge passed away. According to PWInsider, the settlement hearing that was scheduled for yesterday was cancelled due to the passing of Pamela Reeves earlier in the day. Reeves was not overseeing the case; however, the courtrooms are shutting down out of respect for her passing. A new hearing will be scheduled later.

Jeff Jarrett and Anthem were ordered by Middle District of Tennessee Chief Judge Waverly D. Crenshaw Jr. last month to meet for a settlement hearing on the long-standing lawsuit, which was ruled a mistrial in August due to errors by both legal teams and the court. The mistrial was declared after the jury made their verdict in favor of the plaintiffs, but before damages could be awarded.

Jarrett is suing Anthem over the use of GFW’s Amped! TV footage, which Jarrett said Impact no longer had rights to continue using it after he was terminated.

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