WWE to allow talent using YouTube and Twitch under their real names

Sep 8, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

After a letter set by Vince McMahon banning all WWE Superstars from creating – and monetizing – their own YouTube and Twitch accounts, the company clarified some of that during a talent meeting at Raw yesterday according to the Wrestling Observer.

The talent were told that they will be allowed to run their YouTube and Twitch accounts as long as they use their real names and not their WWE name. Their WWE name is property of the company and just like they cannot show up in another promotion after they depart WWE using that same name, they cannot use it on any other personal project unless WWE is involved in it. All of them were also told that they need to inform the company if they’re using YouTube and Twitch under their real name.

There were rumors last week that Mark Carrano, the WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations, informed talent that WWE owns the rights to their real names as well, which would prevent them from changing their username to reflect their real name and continue operating as before but that was clarified last night.

The issue of Cameo is still up in the air according to the Observer although the majority believe that they will not be able to do Cameo even with their real name although it wasn’t made exactly clear and it was “super vague” for now.

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