IMPACT Report 9/8/20

Sep 8, 2020 - by Scott Porter

A vignette of Moose’s troubles from last week, and Eric Youngs Championship win airs to start the show.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on the call once again.

Eric Young enters the arena to the ring.  The World Class Maniac is the New World Champion.  EY grabs the mic and emphasizes he is World Class in many ways.  He mentions Rich Swann and Eddie Edwards.  He said that everything he did was by design and inevitable.  Alisha Edwards enters the ring and tells Young he is a coward that can only win by cheating.  Alisha says she isn’t afraid of him.  She then says Eddie will get better and come back and take him out.  Alisha slaps him across the face after EY says he doesn’t care that Eddie can’t take his child for a walk because of the knee injury.  EY sets Alisha up for a Piledriver, but Tommy Dreamer makes the save with a Kendo stick.  Tommy says he will defend all the friends he has injured.  Tommy challenges him to try and end his career.  He wants a match tonight with EY.  EY accepts and storms off.

Josh and Madison address that and other situations including Moose and EC3.  A video airs Moose getting on an airplane.  After he gets on the plane we go to commercial.  This will probably set up a series of videos with Moose tonight.

Backstage Taya and Rosemary are with Bravo are setting up the wedding of the century between Bravo and Rosemary.  Taya wants to plan the wedding.

Match 1 Chris Bey VS TJP

This will be Bey’s first appearance since losing the X Division Championship.  TJP storms the ring and the two go right after each other.  TJP hits an outstanding backdrop.  Bey fights back with fists.  Rohit comes out wearing the X Division belt.  Bey and TJP turn their attention to Rohit briefly, but TJP quickly gets back on the advantage and drop kicks Bey off the ring apron.  Bey gets back in and racks TJP’s eyes as we go to break.

Bey basement clotheslines TJP as we return.  Rohit gives congrats to Bey on his moves from the outside.  Bey locks on a backbreaker, but TJP rolls out.  Bey then hip tosses TJP and gives him a basement Shining Wizard Kick to the back of the head then locks on an Abdominal Strech.  TJP flips out and tosses Bey over his shoulder.  After spring boarding himself off the ropes on to Bey, TJP hits 3 Amigos.  He misses a Swanton and Bey hits a kick to the face.  Bey then puts TJP in a backbreaker into a F5.  Rohit screams who wants it more?  TJP fights to his feat.  Bey goes for a sunset flip, TJP rolls threw it and pins Bey for the 3 count.

Winner TJP

Locker Room talk with Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger is next.   Kylie Rae and Susie are the guests this week.  The Swingman does his best to have the girls sit on his lap.  Madison tells him to move.  Madison asks Kylie why she was so excited to ruin Deonna’s big night last week.  She then asks Susie (who she refers to as Sue) about her time at Wrestle House.  Just then Deonna and Kimber Lee walk in.  Deonna accuses Kylie of being uncivilized in her ruining of the black tie event in Deonnna’s honor.  She challenges Susie and Kylie to a tag match.  Kylie and Susie are happy to say yes.  Deonna looks frustrated and walks off.  Swinger is thrilled with the thought of women fighting, as he stands in the middle.  He starts clawing his nails and yelling Catfight!  Madison tells Kylie and Susie to leave.  She then dismisses Johnny and ends the segment.

Bravo is making wedding arrangements while Tiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz interrupt.  Hogan tells Johnny to be a man and not have Taya do his decision making.  Hogan says they should be his help.  Bravo says Taya would be upset.

Brian Myers makes his way to the ring to address the Impact Arena.  Myers says he is the Worlds Most Professional Wrestler.  He says he and Willie got off on the wrong track.  He says he needs to come out and shake his hand like a true professional.  Mack comes out and says he wants to put his around his neck and shake that.  Mack says they are going to have a match, per Impact management right now.

Match 2 Brian Myers VS Willie Mack

Myers is furious not being in his gear.  Willie tosses him from the ring to start the match.  He then throws himself over the ring ambushing Myers.  Myers crawls back in the ring only to be knocked to the outside again.  Once there, Mack chases him, but Myers is ready this time.  He slams his head on the apron a few times and throws him back in the ring.  Myers lands several kicks and punches.  Willie is then suplexed for a two count.  Myers drives his knee into Mack’s spine and locks on a rear face lock.  It appears he could be racking his eyes.  He then knees him in the stomach.  After being whipped in the corner, Mack sneaks away making Myers land on the cornerpost with a missed splash.  Mack follows up with a sidewalk slam for a two count.  Mack gets another two count off a standing moonsault.  Myers rakes the eyes, but Willie fights back with punches.  Myers kicks Mack in the groin and hits a swinging DDT for the win!

Winner Brian Myers

Joydynne Grace is interviewed backstage.  She wonders out loud why Tenille Dashwood showed up out of nowhere?  She walks to her locker room.  Kaleb with a K answers the door.  He is her personal photographer.  He says she is too busy to talk to her.

Hogan and Steelz are confronted by Taya.  She tells them to mind their own business and stay away from Bravo.  Hogan and Steelz get in her face, but Taya brushes them off and challenges them both to a match.

Match 3 The Rascalz VS The Motor City Machine Guns (Champions) for the World Tag Team Championship

The Guns are knocked off the apron immediately and both do tandem splashes to the outside to start the match.  The Rascalz then take turns double teaming both champions.  Shelley and finally gets in and takes control of Wentz with some stiff kicks to his thighs.  He hips Wentz to the corner and it appears Wentz may have injured his knee.  The champs make a few tags back and forth, using vintage MCMG’s moves to further the damage to Wentz knee.  The Shelley Dragon Leg whip into a Sabin basement drop kick was spectacular.  I lost feed for about 3 mins due to a storm.. my appologies.

The North Enter from the outside and soon Ace and Fulton join in.  They are taking out their frustration on both teams in the match.  Machine Gun Anderson and Gallows enter and clear the ring and make the save.  All three face teams have a uneasy moment in the ring.

RVD and Katie Forbes are shown backstage talking about their new talk show, The Whole F’N Talk Show.  It will start next week.

Sami Callahan is shown in a black room working on a computer.  He is talking to a camera.  He says even when he beats RVD, he still loses because he doesn’t have the numbers to keep up.  He says Katie Forbes is to much to handle.  He says he won’t hack their show because he has other plans… This was a cryptic segment for sure.

Match 4 Tasha Steelz VS Taya Valkyrie

Hogan and Bravo come to the ring with their partners.  Taya and Tasha trade blows to start the match,  Taya is easily taking it to Steelz.  She looks like a giant next to her.  Hogan distracts Taya from the outside leading to Steelz getting an advantage.  Bravo is preoccupied on the phone, taking wedding calls.  Taya screams for help, but has to do it on her own.  She hits a sit out powerbomb and yells at Bravo to get off the phone.  Taya hits a knee to the face after lifting Steelz and dropping her.  Tasha fights it off and whips Taya to the corner.  Taya hits a spear and the Road to Valholla for the win.  Bravo never gets off the phone.

Winner Taya Valkyrie.

Hogan hits her from behind while Bravo misses the save.  Taya fights her off on her own.  Bravo finally runs in, but it is too late.  She seems to take it well, but you can tell she is very annoyed.

A Video for Bound For Glory airs.  It features EY saying it is their time.

Moose is shown talking to a high school football coach.  He asks him if he has seen EC3?  His coach then goes into a trance and says.. “You have been warned.”  That is a line EC3 said in recent episodes.  Moose paranoid, backs out of the coach’s office.

Flashback EC3 and Eddie Edwards VS Moose and Mike Bennett.  Moose and Bennett win the match.

Heath is hiding backstage.  Rhino finds him and they embrace.  Rhino says he needs to do more adds.  Heath says they cost money and he has kids.  Rhino says he knows where he can get some money.

Match 5.  Eric Young (Impact World Champion) VS Tommy Dreamer.

This match should just be a straight up fight.  Out first is EY.  EY is out first.   Dreamers heads out next.  EY charges as the bell rings, Tommy steps aside and hip tosses EY.  He grabs a Kendo Stick and uses it liberally as Mathews declares the match a no rules match.  Dreamer gets a chain and rakes them across EY’s eyes.  EY fights back in desperation.  EY drives Dreamer into the steal post on the outside.  He removes the padding on the arena floor.  He tried to piledrive Dreamer on the exposed area, but Tommy backdrops him.  He then takes a sign and slams it on EY’s head.  After tossing a few chairs and other toys in the ring, Dreamer attempts a suplex from the 2nd rope onto some chairs.  EY bits him, and Dreamer crumbles to the floor.  Madison says Dreamer can’t do this much longer to his body.  EY hangmans him over the bottom rope.  Young uses a pan to the head of Dreamer next.  He then uses a chair to Tommy’s back.  EY then goes to the 2nd rope with the chair, but Tommy lifted his leg at the last minute after EY dove.  They both trade blows in the center of the ring.  Dreamer wins the fight.  He drops an elbow for a two count.  EY clips Dreamers leg after a missed clothesline.  EY then locks on an Indian Leglock.  Dreamer gets to the ropes, but he is battered.  EY sets up a garbage can in the corner and hurls Tommy toward it.  Tommy reversed it.  EY crushes his back into the can and falls into a DDT.  Dreamer goes to the outside for a table.  He sets up the table in the corner, but gets crotched by EY.  EY goes to the top rope and Dreamer returns the favor.  EY fights through the pain and hits him with a hockey mask.  EY hits a pile driver and gets the win.

Winner and still Champion Eric Young.

EY ties up Dreamers leg in a chair and hits him with a the stick.  Out of nowhere, Rich Swann appears in a medical boot and makes the save!  EY runs off in amazement as Josh and Madison wonder how he can be their in his condition.









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