Heath Slater: “I just wanted to find the love of wrestling again”

Sep 8, 2020 - by James Walsh

TV Insider recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Heath Slater, who discussed his WWE release last April and his recent Impact debut. Below are some highlights.

On his connection to the WWE Superstars who were released in April: “I’m friends with a lot of people up there. I’ve had a lot of good friends. I’ve always been that guy who treated the other guy the way you wanted to be treated. I feel like that whole group of guys that went to Impact, I’ve known them forever. We’ve all been together for so long. When opportunity came, we looked around and saw the availability for Impact. We thought, ‘Let’s go there and have a good time and see what we could do.’ I can tell Impact is a great place to be. A good work environment. The lines of communication are there, so you actually know what you’re doing week-to-week.”

Heath Slater on the #Heath4Impact campaign: “It’s a lot of fun. I feel like it’s something where if I was running for president, this is how I would do it. Of course, I probably wouldn’t get that many votes, but this is wrestling so it’s kind of different. If you want to put your input in, they are for it. To me, it’s a blessing to that. They let you do what you think would be best and run with it. They’ll offer their tweaks, too. It’s a fun environment to be around. It’s not as stressful. You know when you have a job and want to love it forever and have fun with it? Impact is like that.”

Slater on wanting to find his love for wrestling again: “I just wanted to find the love of wrestling again. Perform and show what I can do. I wanted to make a big splash in the water and have a good time doing it. I just love the fact Impact will sit down and listen to you and your ideas. They will talk with you and be straight with you. That’s what I’ve been getting from Impact. They don’t beat around the bush. I like the honesty there. I feel like if we keep that good line of communication, everything will work out well. The talent pool is great. Everyone feels part of the team. That’s how it should be.”

On if he’s heard other WWE Superstars what he’s been doing: “They know when they are locked down under contract, they can’t get out. That’s the bottom line. You may have well signed yourself up for the military. But guys that did get released and guys from other companies have been texting and calling and asking about Impact. The WWE crew, some of them have been like, ‘Man, that would be awesome to do this, But I still got a year-and-a-half or another year.’ I’m like, ‘Remember what you’re saying because years go by pretty fast. So if you really want to, I might know a guy.’ The interest is there for sure.”

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