Opinion: “AEW needs to admit by EOD their concussion protocol failed”

Sep 6, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

by Florida Wrestling Fan via Twitter

AEW needs to admit by EOD their concussion protocol failed. They made a mistake and they’re working w/ sports medicine experts on updating their protocol and will have it implemented by Wednesday. Publicly apologize to Matt & family and reiterate talent safety is a top priority.

Being transparent, showing humility and displaying a willingness to improve and admit mistakes will earn you more trust long term as long as your actions related to head injuries going forward show a commitment to talent safety the way they did with COVID testing.

This would be a great time for Tony Khan to leverage his relationship with Chris Nowinski, a name he’s brought in to speak to the AEW locker room in the past. His respected name value amongst those in the wrestling community will add a layer of trust to this whole process.

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