Matt Hardy suffers head injury at All Out, allowed to continue the match

Sep 6, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Matt Hardy was legitimately injured during his broken rules match against Sammy Guevara last night during the pay-per-view but somehow was still allowed to continue to finish the match.

The injury happened when Hardy was speared from a scissor lift but his head hit the concrete upon landing, and Hardy was clearly in lala land. The referee, maybe showing some inexperience, started to count to 10 but Hardy broken the count when he barely made it to his feet.

Referee Aubrey Edwards then realized what was happening and threw the dreaded X hand sign to let people in the back know that this was a serious injury.

AEW’s ringside physician Dr. Michael Sampson attended to Matt Hardy and the match was called off but then the match restarted and the two started wrestling again. Hardy, probably with a concussion, climbed up a scaffold and threw Guevara off of it to eventually win the match.

Hardy was then transported to a local hospital as the AEW commentary team kept everyone updated on his situation. Tony Schiavone said that Dr. Sampson asked if Hardy can continue and Hardy responded yes so the match was allowed to restart.

With Hardy’s AEW career on the line if he lost, the company was in a hard place but the match should have never been restarted.

One individual who was really pissed about what happened was the usual outspoken Reby Hardy, Matt’s wife. “Let me be absolutely f*cking clear. There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that goddamn building,” Reby wrote on Twitter.

Reby also showed a screenshot of a chat she had with Matt before the match, telling him not to be dumb and that she loves him. “What the f*ck you practically cleared that table. What the f*ck. MATT WHAT THE GODDAMN F*CKING F*CK” were the following text messages.

Responding to a fan who said it was Matt’s choice to continue the match, Reby said that Matt was the “#1 idiot in this scenario” and then said she’ll let the “absolute asshat” fan figure out who idiot #2 was. “Also, f*ck you,” she added.

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