WWE Tells Talent they Own Their Real Names

Sep 5, 2020 - by James Walsh

It was previously reported that WWE told talent not to engage with third party platforms anymore, as they were “using your name and likeness in ways that are detrimental to our company.” It was also reported at the time that WWE said they owned the real names of the talent as well, although that was later stated to be false.

According to F4WOnline, the rumor managed to confuse talent on the issue, and it was reported that it was Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano that made the statement. It was believed that the statement meant that talent couldn’t use their real names for platforms that WWE would ban their stage names from.

In an example, Paige has changed one of her accounts to her real name of Saraya, which is believed to be what caused that statement. Some thought that WWE was claiming their talent no longer owned the rights to their names, but this is obviously unlikely. It’s more likely that WWE may be able to stop talent from marketing themselves on platforms the company doesn’t want them using they are under WWE contract.

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