MJF: “The Paradigm Shift isn’t a move, it’s an abomination”

Sep 5, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


MJF on the Paradigm Shift

“The Paradigm Shift isn’t a move, it’s an abomination. It’s a disgusting, terrible act of violence and it indiscriminately tries to break anyone’s neck. It doesn’t care about who you are, what gender you are, what race you are, that’s all that move is designed to do, is hurt people,” MJF said. “And that’s not right.

“Every time you use that move, you’re literally potentially paralyzing somebody, and that could have been me, Will. It could have easily been me. I want to have a family one day, I want to be able to play catch with my son. I wanna be able to go out to the ballpark, I wanna attend his games, hell one day maybe he’ll be a pro wrestler. I want be able to train the future seed of my loins, so the reason the move has been banished is not for some ‘psychological warfare’ for me over Jonathan. It’s not for me to be able to outwrestle him because I’m so fearful that he’ll be able to beat me with that move. It’s not that I’m fearful of losing because of that move,” MJF said. “I’m fearful of losing my life because of that move, Will. So what people should be doing is thanking me because I stopped a potential murder from happening in AEW.”

MJF also went on to say that Moxley isn’t fit to be champion (or be on a box of Wheaties)… and addressed why he’s not in a stable, if he likes getting booed and more.

source: Wrestlezone

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