CM Punk, Paige, and Renee Young React to WWE’s Latest Edict

Sep 5, 2020 - by James Walsh

As many of you know by now, it looks as if the days of WWE Superstars using Twitch, Cameo, YouTube, and other third parties to earn some extra revenue are coming to an end. This comes during the COVID-19 pandemic, where many Superstars are using these platforms to earn some extra cash while WWE isn’t running live events. That obviously cuts out some of their bonuses and merchandise earnings. If you haven’t seen our story yet, you can click here to read it.

In response to the news, Paige has changed her Twitch channel from “OfficialPaigeWWE” to “sarayaofficial.” She also sent out a tweet that simply said “Nope.” Renee Young, CM Punk, Matt Hardy, Mick Foley, and others all took to Twitter to react to the news, saying,

Sooooooo guess now would be a good time to launch my Twitch and Cameo??

— Renee Paquette (@ReneePaquette) September 4, 2020

Alright guys. Girls. Are they gonna fire
Everyone? Just keep doing you. Don’t
Worry. 😉

— player/coach (@CMPunk) September 5, 2020


— PAIGE (@RealPaigeWWE) September 4, 2020

WWE social media folks aren’t allowed to mention talent like @ToBeMiro, because they now only exist in the entire professional wrestling universe, as opposed to solely @WWE. It’s just their policy. I love how @AEWrestling acknowledges all of pro wrestling, competition or not..


Don’t worry, I’m still able to do @BookCameo videos.

Go ahead and book one at

— Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley) September 5, 2020

f*** Them

— The Machine Gun (@MachineGunKA) September 4, 2020

3rd parties 🎉

— #nZo (FKA Enzo Amore) (@real1) September 5, 2020

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