Why Matt Hardy hasn’t been doing his Broken gimmick lately in AEW

Sep 2, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Matt Hardy was interviewed this week for Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel/podcast.

Matt told Chris, he will probably not be Broken Matt Hardy until the crowds return:

“If there had been fans there, with Broken Matt, there are catchphrases and the little nuances and gimmicks of the character and with a live crowd, it is meant to build and pop a live crowd and entertain them and be fun. It’s weird when you think now it is just translating to the TV audience and that’s part of the whole reason why I decided to hold off on Broken Matt and go back to a character-based in reality. It’s the right call, especially because who knows how long we are going to be focusing our product to the TV audience.”

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