MJF: “When I was in Mexico, people threw a car battery at me”

Sep 2, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

The New York Post has an interview with MJF, it was noted that due to his heel antics, MJF regularly receives death threats from people in addition to having his car keyed by fans and some even waiting on him outside the building to confront the AEW star.

MJF told a story about an attempted kidnapping from a fan at an airport. Apparently, he has some other interesting fan stories as well.

“At AEW, a fan tried to dress up I believe like a pilot and was trying to convince our security that they were supposed to fly me out on a private jet after the show. I can assure you that that guy was most certainly not my pilot, so there was once a fan who literally tried to kidnap me. I’ve seen it all. When I was in Mexico, people threw a car battery at me and urine at me. That’s because I don’t tiptoe around. I don’t hide how I feel.”

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