Impact Report 9/1/20

Sep 1, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are once again on the call.  The show begins with a recap of the last two week’s Emergence card.  Eddie Edwards will face the returning Eric Young tonight!  What will be next for Deonna Purrazzo, the Knockouts Champion?  She is holding a Black Tie Affair in her honor!

Match 1.  Sami Callahan VS RVD (Katie Forbes)

Sami runs to the ring with anger, RVD not so much.  He is busy kissing Katie. RVD is then blown off the ring by a charging Callahan.  Sami goes right to the outside on the attack.  He works over RVD on the barricade.  Katie distracts him and RVD gains an advantage against the barricade.  He tossed Sami back in the ring, but Sami hits a suplex after a kick to the face.  Sami stays on the offensive with kicks and punches and even a low blow.  Katie trips Sami on the ring apron and RVD hits a kick to the face.  RVD front suplexes Sami on the barricade then hits a Van Daminator off the apron.  Once in the ring, RVD hits an atomic drop.  Sami picks up the knees on a Rolling Thunder.  Then Sami hits a cutter.  After two clothes lines, Sami sets RVD up for piledriver, but Katie interferes allowing RVD to hit a spinning kick into a split legged moonsault.  He gets a two count.  Sami crotches RVD as he went  to the top rope.  RVD kicks out at two.  Sami goes for another piledriver, Katie interjects again.  RVD sets up Sami for a powerbomb, but Sami rolls threw and gets the 3 count.

Winner Sami Callahan

Sami went for Katie after the match, but RVD attacked him from behind.  RVD got a chair and he and Katie took turns using it on Sami in the corner.  They brutally worked his head over and neck.

Hernandez is shown beating Fallah for arm wrestling match.  He takes all his money.  Reno Scum show up and tell Hernandez they want more money and they will take out Rhino again.  Hernandez agrees and we go to break.

Rosemary, Taya, and Bravo are all individually shown talking to the camera.  Rosemary is annoyed with Taya.  Taya is annoyed with both of them.  Bravo is upset he didn’t tell Taya earlier about his feelings for Rosemary.  He fears he will lose them both.  Welcome to another edition of… Wrestle House…

A group of people are waiting for Swinger to come out of the bathroom.  Crazzy Steve has dressed him.  Everyone says they want to see his new attire.  Everyone agrees they won’t make fun of him.  He comes out dressed as a clown.  He says Matt Borne is laughing him now.  They all take turns making digs at him.

Tommy sees Bravo and tells him he can control his own destiny in a match between Taya and Rosemary.  This will happen later tonight.

Match 2. Reno Scum VS Rhino and……

Rhino charges both members of Scum as he runs the entrance ramp.  Madison and Matthews both wonder is Heath (Slater) will show and be Rhino’s partner.  The bell rings and Rhino is all alone for now.  Scum double team him all over the ring eventually.  Madison says Rhino would rather have Heath be his partner than anyone.  In fact, he would rather go it alone if he can’t have Heath.  Back from break, Scum is just butchering Rhino.  Scum is trying to collect the wad of cash Hernandez is walking around with.  This is basically a bounty match.  Luster the Legend slows the match down with a headlock.  Rhino tries to fight back and hits a clothesline.  He follows Luster on the outside.  A masked person enters and hits a reverse cutter on Adam Thornstowe.  Rhino gets the pin.  The masked man is clearly Heath and this is not unbeknown with Madison and Josh.

Winner Rhino

Heath enters the ring.  He hugs Rhino in the center of the ring.  Scott D’Amore enters with security.  Heath bails and D’Amore questions Rhino why Heath is there.

Moose is shown backstage.  He is watching an EC3 vignette.  EC3 says he must fight him or he cannot have his TNA belt back.  Moose is frantic after the vignette and wants to call the police.

Gallows and Anderson are backstage telling stories to the security backstage.  The guys are drinking beer and everyone is laughing.  The Rascalz show up and say they are have to face Ace and Fulton tonight.  Gallows and Anderson say they can give them some advice, but the Rascalz are too busy to listen.

Back at Wrestle House, we see Clown Swinger giving Bravo advice that if he listens to him he will get two for the price of one.  lol.  Bravo doesn’t want to listen to him.  Susie and Kylie are listening in and trying to be more helpful.  Cody and Cousin Jake say never listen to Swinger.  Larry D walks into the Deaners on his way to the fridge.  Cody gets annoyed and asks Larry D if he stole the beers that belonged to the Deaners.  Acey tries to break up the potential situation, but Larry says there is no longer a truce.  The two teams start brawling in the kitchen.  Tommy Dreamer shrugs and says.. Match Time..

Match 3 Deaners Vs XXXL

This is the first match not in the ring at Wrestle House.  It is just a brawl.  Acey slams Cody on a couch and celebrates.. Cody reminds him he landed on a couch.  Cody then was told by Dreamer he couldn’t rip the TV off the wall because that would stop them from watching wrestling.  lol.  Cody agrees.  Acey and Cody then glare at each other only to stop and play ping pong.  Larry knocks over Cousin Jake and glares at his clinched fist.  He misses wildly and hits the wall.  Back to the ping pong, Larry stuffs a ball in Cody’s mouth.    Just then Cody fights off the ball to the mouth and downs both Larry D and Acey.  Jake wonders off with the stumbling Jake.  Acey recovers and throws Cody on some type of cart.  He then wheels him to another room.  Cody recovers and fights Acey into a fright elevator.  Acey laughs as he escapes to a lower floor.  Tommy directs Cody to the stairs.  Everyone is laughing.  Tommy tells Acey there is a weight limit.  Cody gets to the ground floor before Acey and punches him as he walks off the freight elevator.  He tries to run Acey over with a bike, but misses and runs into a car.  Jake and Larry are trading punches back upstairs.  Acey shows up and helps Larry get out of the way.  You have to see this segment.  lol.  Cody is back and fighting with Larry.  Larry tosses Cody to another room.  Cody finds a beer under the bed.  Larry says he didn’t take it.  Cody DDT’s Larry.  Acey knocks out Cody.  Larry stands up and has transformed into Lawrence D.  (the love man)  Jake shows up and knocks down everyone.  Susie then shows up and says they broke the truce….  Susie starts having flashbacks.  Susie is shown walking out of the room next.  Tommy shows up and looks in the room and declares Susie the winner of the match.  Tommy runs off scared.

Winner Susie

Match 4.  Fulton and Ace Austin VS the Rascalz

Dez and Fulton start off for their respective teams.  Dez tries to punch Fulton, which is a complete waste of energy.  Fulton simply manhandles Dez until he gets to Wentz and they perform some quick double team moves.  The kicks they perform take Fulton off his feet.  Once Dez leaves, Fulton takes control and tags in Ace.  Ace works the arm until the refs back is turned.  He then pulls out his playing card and slices the fingers of Wentz.  Fulton tags in and drags Wentz to the top rope by his neck.  He then drops him and gets a two count.  Wentz falls to his corner and makes the tag.  Ace tags in, but Dez connects with dropkicks and basement kicks to the back of the neck.  The Rascalz then dispose of Fulton and double team Ace.  Wentz then goes to the air on the outside to keep Fulton at bey.  Dez hits a disaster kick to the face and pins Ace clean!

Winners.  The Rascalz

Immediately the Motor City Machine Guns play.  The champs come out and say they respect what the Rascalz are doing.  They tell the Rascalz they want to party with them later, then have a match next week.  Just then, Fulton and Austin jump them the Rascalz from the back.  The MCMGs make the save, but the match is made for next week.

Fallah and Mack are shown in the back dressed up.  Deonna Purrazzo says he isn’t thinking they are dressed up enough.

Rohit is shown in the back admiring his X Division belt.  TJP challenges Rohit for a match.  Rohit says Chris Bey has first dibs, but he can go take it up with Bey if he wants to take his shot.

Back at Wrestle House.

Match 5 Taya Vs Rosemary (Bravo is the special referee)

Taya and Rosemary start the match making fun of each other.  Then they start slapping each other until the brawl begins.  Taya yells at Bravo for not taking care of her.  Taya backs Rosemary into the corner and yells at Bravo for telling her to back off.  Taya slaps Bravo for only counting to two and not three.  Rosemary suplexes Taya and gets a two count.  Rosemary gets upset with Bravo for not counting faster.  Rosemary then hits a spear, only to be take down by a clothesline.  The two then connect with simultaneous kicks to the face.  Rosemary misses a spear and Taya hits a double arm facebuster for the win

Winner Taya

Everyone is distraught on the outside as Bravo tries to console Rosemary.  Rosemary says we can all go home now.  Bravo then reaches in his pocked and pulls out a ring and proposes to Rosemary.  Rosemary looks at Taya who then approves of the marriage.  Bravo then proposes.  Rosemary then accepts, but admits she is a demon.

Swinger is shown crying outside.  Kylie asks if they all can leave.  Taya agrees.  Everyone has a parting moment.  Crazzy Steve is shown admitting to take the beer of the Deaners.  The segment ends with everyone giving a team cheer and they evaporate.

Next is the Black Tie Affair for Deonna Purrazzo.  Kimber Lee is the announcer for the evening.  She announces Deonna.  Deonna thanks everyone for coming.  Most of the wrestlers are outside acting like they could care less.  Deonna toasts herself with Kimber Lee.  Deonna goes on and on about how wonderful of a wrestler she is.  She makes fun of Jordynne Grace.  Just then Grace comes from the back.  Jordynne has a mic.  She says he is there to congratulate her for winning.  She should enjoy her time, but it is not going to last.  Just then Tenille Dashwood shows up on the stage.  Tenille thanks everyone for showing up for her return.  She then challenges Deonna for the championship.  Jordynne gets in the face of Dashwood.  Just then, the entire cast of Wrestle House magically appears in and around the ring.  You can’t make this up.  Kylie gets attacked by Deonna.  Deonna leaves the ring and Kylie stands up and superkicks Kimber Lee.  Deonna and Kimber Lee scream outside.  Kylie and Susie celebrate as the segment ends.

Brian Myers is shown having an interview, Moose interferes wonder where EC3 is and pisses of Myers who walks off mad.

Match 6 Eddie Edwards (Impact World Champion) VS Eric Young

Eddie Edwards is here to defend his title and defend the honor of his fallen friend, Rich Swann.  Eddie starts off quickly with an Atomic Drop and back drop.  He then works over EY in the corner with chops.  EY fights back with chops of his own.  Eddie slams EY’s head to the turnbuckle.  EY drops Eddie’s head over the ropes as he leaps to the outside.

Back from break, Eddie pulls EY to the outside and hits a running clothesline.  The ref begins the count, and Eddie tosses EY back to the apron.  The two try to suplex each other.  Then EY hits a neck breaker on the apron.  The ref stopped the count to check on Eddie.  EY tosses him fully in the ring and gets a two count.  EY is working methodically.  He continues to pound on Eddie and hits a front running cutter for a two count.  Eddie is then choked over the ropes viciously in several different ways.  This goes on for several minutes.  EY hits another neck breaker.  He is clearly setting up his piledriver.  Nothing Eddie can do seems to have an effect on EY.  EY misses a short arm clothesline and finally Eddie turns that miss into a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Eddie struggles to get to his feet.  He connects with a series of chops and punches.  He whips EY to the corner, Eddie follows that up with a backpack stunner for a two count.  Eddie goes to set up a powerbomb, EY reverses it to push Eddie in the corner.  Eddie fights off that and sets up EY for a superplex.  EY throws him off and hits an elbow off the top rope for a two count.  Madison wonders if the weeks of title matches have taken their towel on Edwards.  Eddie then hits a boot that topples EY to the outside.  He then leaps to the outside and connects, but the move buckles his knee.  Back in, Eddie hits a Tiger Driver, but his knee is hurt.  EY rolls out and Eddie dives on him.  This hurt EY, but Eddie’s knee is hurt even more now.  EY grabs the title to use it as a weapon.  The ref grabs it, but he then grabs his hockey mask and cracks Eddie over the head with that as the ref disposed of the belt.  EY then hits the Piledriver and gets the three count.

Winner and New World Champion.  ERIC YOUNG

Instead of celebrating EY goes back to attacking the knee of Eddie Edwards…  EY blames Eddie for his actions as he stands tall.

Backstage, finally Moose finds a room with pictures of himself all over in an abandon room.  There are personal pictures everywhere and a map on the wall.  Moose says he knows what he has to do and rips down the pictures only to see the words, you have been warned on the wall….  Moose stands back both nervous and afraid as the show ends.

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