WWE Doesn’t Want AEW to Run Unopposed

Aug 31, 2020 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, while NXT is going to be preempted over the next two weeks and switching to the USA Network on September 1 and 8, both of those shows will actually be re-airing on Wednesday night on September 2 and 9 on the SyFy channel. During today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on this development.

According to Meltzer, WWE is making this move because they don’t want AEW Dynamite to run fully unopposed on the next two Wednesday nights. NXT recently ran unopposed to AEW Dynamite the last two weeks as the show was preempted due to the NBA playoffs on TNT.

Meltzer stated, “I asked somebody there, and it’s like, ‘We can’t let them go unopposed because what if?’ What if? You know what I mean?” Meltzer speculated that there is a feeling within WWE that if AEW’s numbers without competition from NXT head-to-head were too big, people will look at the product a different way.

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