Triple H discusses the return of the NXT UK brand

Aug 30, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Ahead of NXT UK’s return in September, Triple H talked about the brand with UK-based Metro and what we can expect.

Triple H put over their partnership with BT Sport and said that their studio is perfect for what they do. NXT UK will be moving permanently to the BT Sport Studios in London to film television for the next few months.

He called BT Sport an “amazing partner” and said the company has one of the most technologically-advanced studios on the planet. “The intent is for us to be able to be in there long term to be able to create this content, and I think if later down the line, we get to a place where fans can come in – obviously we’d be thrilled and excited,” Triple H said.

The topic of #SpeakingOut movement also came up with the British and European wrestling scene hit hard with several accusations, including few of which from NXT UK stars. HHH said that part of the reason they started NXT UK was to put a system in place where everyone can feel safe in the UK.

“We take every allegation very seriously, and you can refer back to our policy. It’s zero tolerance for things of this manner. We look into everything. We look into it, we go from there to see what is legitimate, what is not, what is real, what isn’t, and deal with it accordingly. While a lot of these things happened years ago, we take them very seriously,” Triple H said.

In concluding, Triple H said that the company is looking to reintroduce fans to the brand after five-plus months of no new content on television. He said that they did the best they could considering everything but now it’s time to shift into high gear again.

“While there are a lot of fans that are very used to the product and love it, we’re going to reintroduce this to everybody and built it out in a bigger way than we have done before.”

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