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– The 2020 WWE Payback Kickoff pre-show opens up from the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Charly Caruso welcomes us. She’s joined by Peter Rosenberg and three WWE Hall of Famers – JBL, Jerry Lawler and Booker T. The panel hypes tonight’s show and we get a video package for the No Holds Barred Triple Threat for the WWE Universal Title. Charly says despite Roman Reigns not signing the contract on SmackDown, he is on his way to the arena and the match will happen. They discuss Reigns aligning with Paul Heyman on Friday’s go-home SmackDown. Lawler says Heyman showing up with Reigns on SmackDown may be one of the most shocking things he’s seen since first joining WWE.

We get a video and discussion on Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton. They air a video package on tonight’s match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Lawler believes Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler can put their differences aside to win the gold. The panel discusses Bobby Lashley vs. WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews but R-Truth ends up interrupting, thinking this is RAW Talk. They tell him RAW Talk is tomorrow and he says he was looking at his 2019 calendar. Truth says he remembers everything, he just forgets some of the stuff he remembers. He finally leaves after some more comedy. We get a look at Big E’s heated promo on Talking Smack this weekend. They talk about Big E being on his own and Charly sends us to a video package for Rey and Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy. We get more discussion on the show before Charly sends us to the ring.

The IIconics vs. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott

We go to the ring as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott are out first, wearing matching gear. Out next are The IIconics – Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. They work the mic on the way to the ring and taunt Liv and Riott.

Kay starts off with Riott. Riott ducks a big boot, knocks Royce off the apron and unloads on Kay. Liv tags in for the double team but it backfires and they both get dropped. Liv kicks out at 2. Royce tags in for the double team on Liv now. Riott eventually fights back and knocks Kay off the apron. Royce slaps her from behind. Riott goes after Royce and chases her around the ring but Kay drops her at ringside. Kay brings Riott back in for a 2 count.

Royce comes back in for more double teaming on Riott while she’s down. Riott rolls Royce for a 2 count. Royce drops Riott for another quick pin attempt. Royce keeps Riott down near their corner and in comes Kay for another double team and pin attempt. Kay grounds Riott now. Riott looks to fight back at one point but Kay drops her again and takes her time, covering for another 2 count. Royce tags back in and also takes her time with Riott. Riott crawls for a tag but Royce drags her back and keeps her down for 2. Royce grounds Riott as the referee checks on her. Royce with a knee to the back and another submission. Liv ends up stopping Kay from coming at ringside, but Royce knocks Liv off the apron. Kay tries to convince Liv that Riott hit her. The IIconics go on and double team Riott. Liv looks to be having second thoughts as she backs away from the apron. Liv cries at ringside while Kay taunts her and keeps Riott grounded. Kay goes back to Riott but Riott nails an enziguri.

Liv is struggling with the decision but goes back to the apron and tags herself in. She runs wild on Kay and then Royce after she comes back in. Liv drops Royce with a kick. Royce runs into a back elbow in the corner. Liv comes off the second rope and slips a bit but stays on top of Royce. Liv with a double stomp to the back of the neck for a close 2 count. Liv tags Riott in and they go for the double team but Royce fights them off. Liv gets sent to the floor. Kay tags in and they hit the Déjà Vu double team to Riott. Kay covers for the pin in the middle of the ring but Liv leaps in to break it up. Liv drags Riott to the corner and tags herself in. Royce also runs in and they go at it. Royce decks her and tags in Kay. Liv blocks the Déjà Vu and sends Kay into Royce. Liv with the Ob-Livion to Royce but Kay comes right back. More back and forth now. Liv comes in with double knees to Kay and Riott follows up with the Riott Kick. Riott covers Kay for the pin to win.

Winners: Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott

– After the match, Morgan and Riott celebrate as their music hits. We go to replays. An emotional Morgan and Riott head to the Kickoff panel as we go to a break.

– Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott join Charly and her crew after the break. They celebrate the big win and announce that The Riott Squad is officially back together. They leave and the panel goes back to hyping tonight’s Payback line-up. We get a video package on Randy Orton’s feud against Keith Lee and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The storyline injury update on McIntyre is that he suffered a hairline jaw fracture from Orton’s punt kicks on RAW, not a skull fracture and brain bleeding. Charly wraps the show and that’s it for the Payback Kickoff.

– The 2020 WWE Payback pay-per-view opens up with a video package.

– We’re live from the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida as the pyro goes off. We see the virtual fans in the crowd cheering.

WWE United States Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews

We go right to the ring as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton. Out first comes The Hurt Business – Bobby Lashley with MVP and Shelton Benjamin. We get a pre-show video with MVP cutting a promo on how the champ previously got lucky, but tonight he gets Lashley. Out next comes WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews. MVP and Benjamin take their seats near the announcers.

They go at it back & forth to start. Lashley overpowers early on and beats Crews around. Crews sends Lashley to the floor. Crews fights from the apron and nails a stiff kick. Crews moonsaults to the floor and takes Lashley down. The referee counts as MVP and Benjamin intimidate Crews. Lashley comes back and brings it in the ring, slamming Crews back into the corner a few times. Lashley drops Crews over the top rope and he ends up on the floor as MVP and Benjamin applaud.

Lashley follows and scoops Crews on his shoulders, then runs and rams Crews into the ring post. The referee counts and Lashley brings it back in for a 2 count. Lashley grounds Crews in the middle of the ring now. Lashley continues to dominate, launching Crews across the ring with a fall-away slam. Crews slides out of a hold and nails an enziguri to the back of the head but Lashley is still standing. Lashley manages to come right back with a Dominator for a close 2 count, and another. Lashley stands tall and wastes some time as MVP barks from ringside.

Lashley charges but Crews dodges him. Crews with kicks and a big crossbody from the second rope. They get up and Crews unloads, taking it back to the corner with thrusts and forearms. Crews yells out as the crowd cheers him on. Crews with a running splash n the corner. Crews ducks Lashley but Lashley blocks the Toss Powerbommb. Crews comes right back with a suplex and a standing moonsault for a close 2 count.

Crews presses Lashley high but Lashley slides out. They tangle and Crews nails a German suplex. Lashley comes right back at him but Crews catches him in another German. Lashley is finally down. Crews goes to the top and hits the big Frogsplash for a close 2 count. MVP and Benjamin show concern at ringside now. Crews with more offense in the corner, unloading on Lashley. More back and forth until Lashley catches Crews with a huge chokeslam, driving him into the mat. Lashley waits for Crews to get up as MVP begins to celebrate at ringside. Lashley applies the Full Lashley and takes Crews to the mat with it. Crews quickly taps out for the title change.

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Bobby Lashley

– After the match, the music hits as Lashley stands tall. MVP and Benjamin hit the ring and the title is placed around Lashley’s waist for the photo op. Crews suddenly attacks Lashley from behind and tackles him but they make the save as he quickly retreats from the ring. Crews promises that he will be getting the title back. He looks on from the ramp as his music starts back up. The Hurt Business talks trash from the ring.

– We go to Michael Cole and Corey Graves at ringside. We see how Adam Pearce tried to get contract signatures for the Universal Title Match on SmackDown. Kayla Braxton is backstage when Paul Heyman walks up. She asks if Roman Reigns is going to sign the contract for tonight. Heyman says if Reigns said he will sign it, then he has every reason to believe Reigns will. He tells her she will have to ask Reigns herself, but he won’t let her in his locker room to ask.

– Keith Lee is backstage warming up when WWE Hall of Famer JBL walks in. He gives some props to Lee, saying he will go far in this world, and has some expensive hedge funds to get involved with, only one million dollars to get in. Lee says he doesn’t have those kinds of resources. JBL says if he wins tonight’s match then he will be on his way to having that kind of money. JBL advises Lee that Randy Orton is one of the best ever, so he shouldn’t feel bad if he loses tonight. JBL also wishes him good luck, changing his tone a bit. Lee stares back at JBL as JBL exits the locker room.

– Cole and Graves send us to a look at Big E’s appearance on Talking Smack this week.

Big E vs. Sheamus

We go back to the ring and out comes Sheamus as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. We get a backstage promo from earlier today where Sheamus mocked Big E and said Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have been propping him up, so now it’s his time to fall. Big E is out next.

The bell rings and they lock up, trading holds to start. Sheamus takes it against the ropes and backs off after the referee counts. Sheamus argues some with the referee. They tangle some more and Big E slams Sheamus, then talks down at him. Sheamus comes back and takes Big E down with a headlock. They run the ropes. Big E ducks a clothesline and drops Sheamus with an elbow. Big E keeps control and clubs Sheamus on the apron. The referee keeps counting after Big E gets dropped at ringside. Big E makes it back in at the 8 count but Sheamus stomps away, focusing on the knee now.

Sheamus keeps Big E down with more punishment to the leg. He poses and shows off some as the referee checks on Big E. Sheamus goes right back to focusing on the hurt leg. Sheamus covers and Big E kicks out at 1. Sheamus puts his knee into Big E’s knee and twists it, keeping him grounded. Big E fights free but Sheamus nails the Irish Curse backbreaker for a 2 count.

Sheamus applies a half-Crab submission now. Big E looks to mount a comeback but Sheamus rocks him in the face a few times with a big boot and an elbow to the face, and keeps control. Sheamus comes off the top but Big E catches him and tosses him. Big E with another big suplex. Sheamus blocks a belly-to-belly suplex with a headbutt. Big E comes right back with the Uranage for a 2 count. Big E gets up as Sheamus rolls to the apron. Big E runs the ropes for the Spear but Sheamus gets a knee up. Sheamus launches himself in from the apron over the top rope with a shoulder tackle. Big E comes back with a belly-to-belly. Big E dances over Sheamus while he’s down but it backfires as Sheamus scoops him and nails an Alabama Slam in the middle of the ring for another 2 count.

They trade strikes from their knees in the middle of the ring but Sheamus gets the best of Big E. Sheamus gets up first and applies another submission, twisting the hurt knee. Big E reaches for the bottom rope but Sheamus applies the pressure. Big E finally breaks the hold by getting the bottom rope. Sheamus gets up first and kicks Big E. Big E ends up dumping Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus comes back to the apron as Big E runs the ropes. He delivers a big Spear, sending Sheamus to the floor. Big E tumbles with him but brings it back in the ring, rallying the crowd.

Big E scoops for the Big Ending but it’s blocked. Sheamus takes Big E right to the mat in a submission. Big E screams out in pain at the heel hook, then starts pounding on Sheamus to break it. Sheamus comes right back with a big knee to the face for a close 2 count. Big E blocks a Brogue Kick and slams Sheamus to the mat. He comes right back and nails the Big Ending for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Big E

– After the match, Big E stands tall as the music hits. He drops his straps and poses on the apron, yelling out at the virtual crowd, saying this is just the beginning. Big E goes to the announce table and yells some more at Graves. We go to replays. We come back to Big E yelling some more at Graves about how this was just the beginning. Sheamus sits up against the apron as Big E makes his exit.

– Cole sends us backstage to newcomer Alyse Ashton. She welcomes Matt Riddle. Riddle is over everyone attacking him, including King Baron Corbin. He says he will put an end to all that tonight and take Corbin’s crown. Alyse asks Riddle to respond to a tweet where Corbin said Riddle is a failure at home, a reference to his recent admitted infidelity. Riddle seems shocked by this comment, and goes quiet. He stares at Alyse and walks off.

– Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are backstage warming up. There’s some tension between them as they briefly put hands on each other. They stop and agree to focus on tonight’s title shot.

King Baron Corbin vs. Matt Riddle

Back from a break and out comes King Baron Corbin first, carried to the ring on his sedan. Matt Riddle is out next. Riddle hops in the ring but Corbin decks him with a cheap shot clothesline to start. The referee checks on Riddle and he’s ready to go. The bell rings and here we go. Corbin unloads in the corner and stomps away on Riddle.

Corbin goes right back to stomping on Riddle while he’s down. Corbin sends Riddle to the floor and follows, beating on him and taunting him against the announce table. The crowd boos as Riddle unloads and the referee counts. Corbin brings it back in for a close 2 count. Riddle fights out of a hold now but Corbin knees him in the gut. Riddle takes more shots but just gets angry. Riddle unloads on Corbin into the corner now. Riddle catches Corbin for a Kimura Lock now. Corbin powers up and slams Riddle in the middle of the ring. Riddle comes right back and hops on Corbin’s back with a Sleeper.

Corbin starts to fade as Riddle brings him down. Corbin breaks free but Riddle comes right back with another hold on the mat. Corbin tries to power up but Riddle has a body scissors on. Riddle with more strikes while Corbin tries to get up. Corbin makes it to his feet and slings Riddle to the floor. Corbin runs out and back in, dropping Riddle with a clothesline for a close 2 count. Corbin shows some frustration now.

Corbin fights Riddle off and drops him into the corner again. Corbin works Riddle over and talks trash, also telling the referee to shut up. Riddle tries to mount a comeback but Corbin applies a Chicken Wing submission. Riddle starts to fade now as the referee checks on him. Riddle gets free but Corbin ducks a clothesline and nails a sideslam. Riddle kicks out at 2 and Corbin shows some frustration. Corbin wastes some time now, working Riddle over and yelling out at the crowd and the announcers. Riddle with a big kick and some strikes but Corbin comes right back and levels him with a high elbow. Riddle kicks out at 2.

Riddle finally kicks Corbin back to the floor after Corbin runs out and right back in. Riddle follows but Corbin rams him into the edge of the apron. They bring it back in and Riddle ducks a strike, then kicks Corbin in the face. Riddle kips up and unloads with running strikes in the corner. Riddle is fired up now as he hits the Broton. Riddle with the running knee to the face for another 2 count. Riddle talks some trash and starts delivering kicks while Corbin gets to his feet. Riddle with a big right hand. Corbin fights back but Riddle keeps the strikes coming. Riddle kicks Corbin but Corbin drops him with a big punch.

Corbin is doubled over while Riddle is still down. Corbin takes Riddle to the corner for a superplex but Riddle keeps fighting. Riddle leaps and lands on his feet but Corbin ends up catching him with Deep Six for a close 2 count. Corbin is really frustrated now. Corbin crawls over and mounts Riddle with lefts and rights while talking trash. Riddle resists some and then starts connecting with elbows to the head while still on the mat.

Riddle with a Triangle now. Corbin powers up but Riddle recovers to his feet. Riddle with a big kick, then the Bro 2 Sleep. Riddle goes to the top and hits the Floating Bro for the pin to win.

Winner: Matt Riddle

– After the match, Riddle gets to his feet and begins celebrating as the music hits. We go to replays. Riddle backs up the ramp while celebrating as we see Corbin slowly recovering on the mat. Riddle sends love to the crowd to end the segment.

– Back from a break and Ashton stops a happy Matt Riddle backstage, asking him what it meant to beat King Corbin. Riddle goes on but Corbin suddenly attacks him from behind and beats him down. Corbin destroys Riddle as officials try to pull him away. Corbin keeps pounding on Riddle until finally backing off.

– Cole sends us to a video package on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

Back to the ring and out first are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. Nia Jax is out next and Shayna Baszler joins her. They head to the ring together.

Jax tells Baszler to follow her lead but Baszler tags herself in at the bell. Baszler starts with Banks. Banks strikes first but Baszler beats her down. Banks comes back and dropkicks her. Banks misses a charge in the corner and lands on the second rope. Baszler unloads with kicks. Banks ends up with a modified abdominal stretch applied but Baszler slams her. Baszler keeps control as Banks tags in Bayley. Banks charges but Baszler tosses her to the floor. Baszler quickly takes Bayley down and focuses on the arm.

Bayley ends up sending Baszler into Jax, knocking her off the apron to the floor. Jax sells a hurt knee. Baszler gets beat down in the corner. Banks comes back in and covers for a pin attempt on Baszler. Banks with a seated abdominal stretch to Baszler now. Banks goes for the Three Amigos on Baszler but hits two, then tags in Banks. They go for a double team slam but end up botching it a bit, dropping Baszler to the mat. Bayley keeps control but goes to the floor as Jax recovers. Bayley gets sent into the barrier. Banks leaps at Jax but Jax catches her and rag-dolls her into the barrier a few times.

Baszler tags Jax in as she returns to the apron. Jax enters and levels Bayley. Jax sends Bayley into the corner again and hits a big splash next. Jax drops an elbow on Bayley for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Jax talks some trash but Bayley blocks a slam. Bayley drops Baszler on the apron. Baszler comes in but this allows Banks to run in and hit a cheap shot on Jax, taking her knee out while the referee is distracted. Bayley with a knee to Jax. The champs double team Jax in their corner now. Banks comes in with a 2 count on Jax.

Banks with more strikes and a dropkick to Jax. Bayley tags back in as they work on keeping Jax near their corner. Bayley focuses on the hurt knee, slamming the leg over the edge of the apron. Bayley with another 2 count. Jax ends up catching a crossbody, then slamming Bayley to the mat. Jax scoops Bayley on her shoulder but Banks comes in and pulls her off. Jax uses Banks to drop Bayley, then slams her on top of Bayley with a Samoan Drop. Jax drops a leg on Bayley but Bayley grabs the leg for a knee bar. Jax gets to her feet, dragging Bayley while she keeps the leg clutched. Baszler tags in and levels Bayley with several strikes to keep knocking her down. Baszler with a running knee to Bayley and a sliding knee to Banks, then a sliding knee to Bayley. Baszler with a gutwrench slam to Bayley, and another big knee for a close 2 count.

Banks tags back in but Baszler nails a big gutwrench Facebuster in the middle of the ring. Jax tags back in as the champs get double teamed. Jax splashes them both in the corner with an assist from Baszler. Banks counters Jax and plants her face-first in the mat. Jax clutches her nose and Cole says it may be busted. More back and forth between the two teams. Banks hits a Frogsplash on Jax but Baszler helps her kick out. Banks with a sliding knee to Jax for another close 2 count. Jax gets back up but Banks keeps the offense coming. Bayley tags in for the double team but they can’t get Jax up. Baszler tags in as the champs hit a double back drop on Jax.

Baszler with a Kirifuda Clutch to Bayley from behind. Banks comes over but gets dropped face-first. Baszler with a leg submission to Banks. Bayley kicks but Baszler grabs it. Baszler has the Muta Lock on Banks and the Kirifuda Clutch on Bayley at the same time. Banks and Baszler tangle and they go to the mat but Bayley ends up tapping out.

Winners and New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

– After the match, the music hits as Baszler recovers and takes the titles. Jax joins her. Banks and Bayley are stunned as they roll to the floor. Caruso enters the ring and asks the new champs how it feels. Jax is hyped up. Baszler says they’re definitely not best friends. Jax keeps jumping around and yelling. Baszler tells her let’s go celebrate. Baszler’s music starts back up and they raise the titles in the air as Banks and Bayley look bummed on the ramp.

– We get a video package for the next match.

Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton

We go back to the ring and out first comes Keith Lee with a new theme song. Randy Orton is out next.

The bell rings and they size each other up. They lock up and Orton takes control with a headlock in the middle of the ring. They break and collide but both are still standing, barely. Orton runs and Lee hops over him. Lee comes right back with a crossbody in the middle of the ring, sending Orton to the floor to regroup.

Orton returns to the ring and talks trash as they face off, saying he demands Lee’s respect as The Legend Killer. Orton delivers several huge chops but Lee just takes them and gets angrier. Lee whips Orton into the corner and drops him with the double chops to the chest. Lee takes it to the corner but Orton fights out. Lee sends him back in and charges but Orton sends Lee shoulder-first into the barrier. Lee falls out to the floor and Orton follows. Orton slams Lee back on top of the announce table. Lee falls to the other side as the referee counts. Lee makes it back in at the 8 count and Orton starts stomping.

Orton keeps Lee down and drops a big knee for a 2 count. Orton grounds Lee with a headlock now as the referee checks on him. Lee fights up and out but Orton clubs him back down. More back and forth now. Orton runs into an elbow in the corner. Lee then sends Orton flying out of the ring to the floor with a big Pounce. Lee follows to the floor and slams Orton onto the announce table as the referee keeps counting. Orton gets up in the ring first and kicks Lee as he comes in from the apron. Orton with the second rope draping DDT.

Orton shows off and wastes some time while Lee is down. Orton hits the mat and waits for Lee to get up, pounding on the mat. Lee blocks the RKO and lifts Orton high in the air for the big sitdown Spirit Bomb. Lee holds the powerbomb for the pin to win out of nowhere.

Winner: Keith Lee

– After the match, Lee shakes it off and stands tall as his music hits. The finish to this match came out of nowhere. We go to replays. Orton looks on from the outside as Lee celebrates the big win.

– Kayla Braxton stops Paul Heyman backstage again, asking about Roman Reigns being in tonight’s main event, despite the contract not being signed. Heyman points to how Reigns said on SmackDown that he guaranteed to be in the match, guaranteed to beat everyone up, and guaranteed to take the title. Heyman says we can believe that, and we can believe him.

– We get a video package for the next match.

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy

We go back to the ring and out first comes the team of Seth Rollins and Murphy. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio are out next.

The match starts after Rey and his son pull a plan to trick their opponents. They attack and get the upperhand. Rollins calms Murphy down and order is restored. Rollins and Dominik go at it now. Rollins with a kick to the gut. Dominik comes back with a kick to the face. Rollins sends him to the apron. Dominik springboards in and hits a big arm drag to send Rollins to the floor. Rollins is furious.

Rey comes in and unloads on Murphy, sending him down in the corner. Rey wants Rollins. Dominik yells at Rollins to get his punk ass in. Rollins tags in and has words with Rey. Rey slaps him and goes to work in the middle of the ring after Rollins dared him. Rollins comes back and beats Rey down in the corner. Rey comes back with a big plancha for a 2 count. Rey with a big kick against the ropes. Rollins scoops Rey in the air and drops him into a big Gutbuster.

Murphy tags in but Rey takes him out. Rey ends up double teamed on the floor. Murphy works on Rey against the apron as Rollins directs traffic. Murphy brings it back in for a 2 count. Rollins tags back in and they double team Rey in the corner. Murphy comes back in and keeps Rey down. Murphy taunts Rey while he’s down now. Rey fights off a double team and in comes Dominik. Rollins ends up countering Dominik and hitting a Falcon Arrow in the middle of the ring. Rollins shows off some and stomps away on Dominik. Murphy tags back in and they take turns on Dominik. Murphy works Dominik over and hits a snap suplex. Murphy with an abdominal stretch to Dominik now as the crowd rallies and Rey looks on.

Rollins comes back in and keeps pounding on Dominik to keep him down, taunting him while Rey watches. Rollins sends Dominik to the floor. The referee stops Rollins from following, which allows Murphy to go out for a cheap shot. Dominik blocks it and sends Murphy into the barrier. Rollins flies out but also ends up slamming into the barrier. Dominik returns to the ring and crawls for his dad. Rey tags in and goes at it with Rollins. Rey drops Rollins face-first into the top turnbuckle. Rey jumps to the top and hits a big moonsault but Rollins kicks out at 2.

Rollins ends up avoiding a 619. They tangle and Rey blocks a powerbomb, rolling through with a kick to the face for a 2 count as Murphy breaks it up. Dominik baits Murphy into the corner and ends up dropping him with a tornado DDT. Rollins with a Slingblade on Dominik. Rey flies off the top with a seated senton on Rollins. Rollins comes right back with a backbreaker on Rey. They’re all down now.

Rollins and Rey go at it in the ring while Dominik and Murphy are on the outside. Rey stuns Rollins and takes Murphy out on the floor. Rey comes back in and goes to the top for a big crossbody but Rollins hits him with double knees in mid-air. Rollins superkicks Rey to the face for a close 2 count. Rey avoids the big Stomp from Rollins. They tangle and Rollins plants Rey face-first. Dominik breaks the pin up just in time. Murphy grabs Dominik but Dominik sends him to the floor. Rollins drops Dominik from behind. Rollins and Murphy bring him out, sending him into the barrier with the double team. Rollins brings Rey out and launches him into the barrier now.

Rollins brings Rey back in as the referee counts. Rollins stares Rey down and taunts him. Rollins holds Rey, tags in Murphy and orders him to kick Rey in the head. Rollins launches Rey into the corner but this backfires and Murphy’s kick nails Rollins in the face instead. Rey ends up sending Murphy into the ropes for 619 but Dominik tags in, sliding his dad under the bottom rope to Rollins on the floor, launching Rollins into the barrier. Dominik goes back over and hits 619 on Murphy. Dominik goes to the top and hits the Frogsplash on Murphy for the pin to win.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

– After the match, father and son celebrate as Dominik’s music hits. We go to replays. A furious Rollins looks on from the stage, staring down at the ring and at Murphy, who looks on from ringside. Rollins vs. Rey will happen on RAW tomorrow night. Rollins turns his back and heads to the locker room as Murphy watches. Rey and Dominik celebrate in the ring.

– We get a WWE Clash of Champions promo.

– The Hurt Business is seen backstage walking, all smiles as they exit the arena.

– We get a video package showing what led to tonight’s main event.

No Holds Barred Triple Threat for the WWE Universal Title: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

We go back to the ring for tonight’s No Holds Barred Triple Threat main event as WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt makes his unique entrance first, carrying the head lantern out. Braun Strowman suddenly attacks from behind while the lights are out.

Strowman unloads on The Fiend and hits a big running powerslam for a close 2 count. Fiend is still wearing his entrance gear. Fiend stands up but Strowman rocks him into the corner, unloading with rights and headbutts. Fiend charges and launches himself for a big collision in the middle of the ring. Fiend nails Sister Abigail but Strowman kicks out. Strowman beats Fiend around the ringside area now. Fiend fights back and sends Strowman into the apron. Fiend catches Strowman and puts him through the announce table with the Uranage. Fiend looks around and stares at Strowman as we see Alexa Bliss backstage watching, twirling her hair.

Fiend pulls his huge mallet from under the ring. He drags it over but Strowman throws an announce table chair at him. Fiend goes down. Strowman clubs Fiend, dropping him on top of half of the steel ring steps. There’s still no sign of Roman Reigns or Paul Heyman.

Strowman grabs Fiend’s mallet and approaches but Fiend kicks him. Fiend sends Strowman into the barrier. Strowman stops himself from going over the barrier. Fiend keeps pounding on him. Fiend grabs the mallet and drops Strowman with a big swing to the chest. Fiend screams and laughs while Strowman is down. Strowman starts getting up. Fiend slams him face-first into the steps. Fiend snaps Strowman’s neck while standing on the steps. Strowman goes down at ringside.

Fiend grabs half of the steel steps as Strowman tries to recover. Fiend charges with the steps and Strowman goes back down. Fiend raises his arms in the air and yells out. We see Bliss backstage watching again. Fiend sends Strowman ribs-first into the barrier again. Fiend stomps on Strowman while he’s down on the ramp. Fiend beats Strowman up the ramp to the stage area now. Fiend snaps Strowman’s neck again to put him back down.

Strowman counters a shot into the large LED board, sending Fiend into the board instead. Fiend fights Strowman off with a right hand. Fiend goes for Sister Abigail on the stage but Strowman blocks with a headbutt. Strowman rocks Fiend and then charges, driving him off the stage. They both land on top of some equipment and what sounds like a table. Strowman recovers first and pounds on Fiend. Strowman brings Fiend back over next to the stage and then the ring. Strowman rolls Fiend into the ring. Strowman takes his time walking around the ring and finally steps on the apron. Strowman walks over to the corner and climbs to the top. Fiend starts getting to his feet. Fiend cuts Strowman off as he struggles to get to the top. Fiend climbs up and delivers headbutts. Fiend with a big superplex now. The ring implodes. The ropes break and most of the ring collapses. The referee is sent to the floor. Fiend and Strowman are down as the music hits and out comes Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman.

Reigns has a steel chair in hand. Heyman hands him the Payback contract and Reigns signs it. Reigns walks to the ring with the chair.

Reigns goes to pin Fiend but there’s no referee. A new referee runs down and Reigns yells at him to get his ass in here. Fiend kicks out. Reigns tries again and then tries to pin Strowman but no luck. Reigns brings the chair in the ring now as Strowman gets up. Reigns unloads on him with chair shots. Reigns covers Strowman but he kicks out just in time. Reigns can’t believe it. Reigns looks up at Heyman, then back at The Fiend. Fiend jumps up and hits Reigns with the Mandible Claw. Reigns blocks it with a low blow. Reigns falls out of the ring as the ropes are broken. Reigns clutches his mouth from the Mandible.

Reigns comes back in as Strowman stumbles to his feet. Reigns puts him down with a Spear. Reigns covers for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

– After the bell, we immediately see Heyman smiling from the stage, with the match contract still in hand. Reigns’ music hits as he takes the title and raises it in the air, still clutching his mouth from the Mandible. Reigns throws the title over his shoulder and walks up the ramp. We see Fiend and Strowman laid out at ringside, slowly starting to recover. We go to replays. Reigns joins Heyman on the stage and raises the title to a mixed reaction, mostly boos. Payback goes off the air with Reigns and Heyman celebrating.

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