Sammy Guevara Says He Offered to Jump Off Stadium at AEW Double Or Nothing

Aug 26, 2020 - by James Walsh

On a recent episode of AEW Unrestricted, Sammy Guevara discussed his big bump during the Stadium Stampede match at AEW Double or Nothing 2020. Guevara took Kenny Omega’s One-Winged Angel off an elevated platform in one of the more talked-about moments of the wild match. Guevara recalled how he offered to leap off the top of the stadium — and told Tony Khan he was serious just to make sure it wasn’t passed off as a joke. You can see highlights and the full video below:

On taking the One-Winged Angel from Kenny Omega during Stadium Stampede: “That’s my own fault, too. ‘Cause I kept texting Tony [Khan] saying, ‘Hey, I will jump off the stadium.’ The stadium’s like 200 feet or something like that. And then I think he thought I was joking, so I texted him again and I’m like, ‘Hey no, I’m dead serious. I’ll jump off the stadium.’ So they got this like, stunt coordinator. And then we were only approved for 40 feet. So, stadium was out of the question. So that was my own fault.”

On his original plan for the bump: “I wanted to do some cool like, flip or dive. And then it slowly changed to, ‘No, no, no. What if we just throw you off. What if we give you this — I almost took a Canadian [destroyer] off.”

On filming the spot: “Well I told Kenny, ’cause you know, he’s such a pro. He’s one of the best. So I didn’t have any doubt in it. It was really just up to him how he wanted to place me. If he wanted to give me one of the nice ones that he gave me, or if he wanted to give me the driver version of that move. And I said, ‘If you give me the driver one, I think I’m dead. So that’s up to you.’ [Chuckles]

“But it was raining during the whole thing. We had to stop filming because it was a storm passing by. And so then at almost 5 AM when film this thing, that’s when we went up there. I actually banged my shin getting up on that platform, and it blew up like a balloon the next morning. So Kenny and I were standing up there and I was thinking like, ‘This is how I go. This is gonna be it for me.’ It’s the last thing of the match, we’ve been up forever. And of course, it’s raining, it’s wet. I remember just being up there and looking down, and just thinking, ‘Hey, if this is it, I had a good run.’ And luckily it wasn’t it and I get to have more good runs. But it was a scary moment.”

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