Bischoff on WWE: “Storylines suck right now”

Aug 26, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Eric Bischoff thinks today’s storylines in WWE suck and are getting worse

The former Monday Night Raw General Manager opened up about WWE storylines during an interview with Sportskeeda and he talked about why he thinks WWE storylines suck right now.

“Storylines suck right now. They suck. Storylines are getting worse and worse. This the one thing that I feel adamant about. You look at what WWE did at SmackDown (at) ThunderDome over the weekend. Such a phenomenal job from a production point of view. I knew that WWE would knock the ThunderDome concept out of the park. Better than anybody, including the NBA. I knew they would – because they’re so good at that. What they’re not good at is basic fundamental storytelling. They’re just not.

I love them and I have many friends there, who I love dearly. It doesn’t change the fact that their storyline, the architecture, their approach to stories, their discipline with stories, sucks. Until somebody comes along and takes an honest look at storytelling and the structure of storytelling and the formulas that are used, it’s going to be hit or miss forever.”

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