Impact Report…. Emergence Night Two (8/25/20)

Aug 25, 2020 - by Scott Porter

The show begins with a Chapter 2 Vignette for Emergence!  Who will emerge and rise to the challenge.

Night one was amazing, and tonight promises to be just as exciting.  Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are on the call once again.

Match 1.  OPEN CHALLENGE..  Impact World Champion, Eddie Edwards VS RVD with Katie Forbes

Katie Forbes walks RVD to the ring and is all over him physically.  Eddie waits patiently.  Two time champ, Edwards and RVD lock up and both take turns taking a advantage with arm twists.  Edwards finally does a suplex, that has RVD bailing the ring.  RVD gets an advantage on the outside, but has to kiss Katie, which gives Eddie time to do a running basement dropkick on RVD.  Katie verbally defends her man, and RVD recovers while Katie distract Eddie.  Van Dam sets up Eddie dangling over the guard rail and climbs to the ring apron and does a leg drop on the back of his head.  Back in the ring, RVD gets a two count.  The two exhange punches until RVD gets a drop toehold which sets up the split legged moonsault.  RVD only gets a two count, but stays on the offensive until Eddie reverses a whip and connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Eddie then hits a Tiger Driver, but RVD kicks out at two.  Eddie sets RVD up on the top rope.  RVD crotches Edwards as he climbs the ropes and connects with a kick and then Rolling Thunder.  He misses on a Frog Splash and Eddie hits the Boston Tea Party for the win.

Winner and still World Champion, Eddie Edwards.

Eric Young runs in and attacks Eddie from the behind.  He says he will be the challenger for Eddie next week.

Josh and Madison have a brief conversation about next weeks match between EY and Eddie Edwards.  They briefly run over the card.  Myers VS Mack, Grace VS Purrazzo and much more.

Back to Wrestle House…  Cody and Jake are setting up a Toga Party!  Jake thought it would be fun to throw power in Cody’s eyes.  He told him Johnny Swinger said it would be fun.  Cody says the first rule of Wrestle House is never listen to Swinger.  Swinger is then telling Crazzy Steve he doesn’t know how to get ready for the party.  He needs to dress like the Swingman, who has a leopard print toga on.  He says all the ladies will want him at the party.  That guy is gold.  Crazzy Steve declines dressing advice, even though it is from his “mentor.”  Swinger asks Steve to help throw powder in the eyes of Lawrence D.  When Swinger throws the powder he yells Fuji.  Old fans will understand this.  His misses Larry and hits Steve, which blinds him.   Steve then says the only fair thing to do is make a match between he and Swinger since he did this too him.  He is screaming in pain.  This can’t be just any match though, it has to be a blindfold match since he can’t see. (The irony is Steve is legally blind.)   Meanwhile Taya pukes on the floor while she is talking to Kylie.  Taya is drunk.  Tommy calls for the match.  Swinger VS Steve.

Match 2.  Swinger VS Crazzy Steve

Both are in hooded togas.  Cousin Jake is the referee.  Jake takes Steve’s horn, but uses it to annoy Swinger.  Swinger asks for help from the roommates, but nobody likes him.  They lead him to run head first in the corner.  Steve rolls him up for the win.

Winner.. Crazzy Steve

Eddie Edwards is shown looking for EY in the back as we go to break.

Eddie is back in the ring yelling for EY.  He says he has a title shot.  He says they don’t have to wait and can do it right now.  EY comes out and calls Eddie the tough guy, hero and also pathetic.  He says he is playing him.  He calls himself the World Class Maniac.  EY then says he will fight him next week.  Edwards agrees, but said he will fight him now.  He runs to the outside and they start brawling on the floor.  Management and security run from the back.  D’Amore gets thrown to the ground.  EY laughs as they get pulled apart.

Rohit Raju is interviewed backstage.  Rohit is proudly holding the X Division Championship he won last week.  Rohit said all his planning worked and now he is the Champion.  He talks about how he would never get any opportunities.  He will not be like that going forward to his challengers.

Locker Room Talk is back this week.   Madison’s cohost are the Rascalz, who seem to be somewhat relaxed.  They have the giggles for sure.  Madison is not condoning their extra outside activities.  They call her a Karen.  This week’s guests are Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.  They come in and make themselves comfortable at the expense of the Rascalz.  Ace says they are doing wonderful.  Madison asks them how that could be fresh off last weeks loss.  Ace attempts to answer, when he gets annoyed as the Rascalz are laughing.  Fulton manhandles the Rascalz and Ace says this interview is over.  The Rascalz ask Madison to go to the treehouse, she declines as the segment ends.

Sami Callahan is shown talking to the camera somewhere.  He is directly threatening RVD and Katie Forbes.  He says he is coming next week to get RVD.

An EC3 vignette is next.   He is holding the TNA World Championship he stole from Moose last week.  They show clips from his win against Kurt Angle years ago.  He says that was the last time he was happy.  His life has been full of pain and regret.  He can’t move on while the TNA Championship is in existence.  He seems to be talking directly to the belt.  He wants Moose in a match.  He then says he must destroy the TNA Championship belt.  He wants to do it in a impressive way and he will do it, but how?

Match 3.  Brian Myers VS Willie Mack

Mack wants retribution for the actions of last week between Myers and himself.  After both trading arm drags and Irish whips, Myers connects with a knee to the groin.  Myers then gets a two count after a kick to the spine.  Mack hits a dropkick and ranna.   Myers gets frustrated over being outwrestled and starts using less than scientific moves.  He viciously drops knees to the back of the neck and throat.  Nothing Mack can do outsmarts Myers moves.  Myers puts on a rear chin lock with a knee to the back as Mack lays on his stomach.   Willie finally escapes, but Myers hits a back elbow off a whip.  Myers goes back to the rear chin lock.  This time he lays across Mack’s back, laying his full weight on his shoulders.  Mack escapes again and hits a clothesline and swinging body slam.  Willie then hits a leg drop for a two count.  Mack hits a Samoan Drop into a standing moonsault.  Willie talks to the camera, giving Myers time to recover.  Myers heads to the top rope after knocking Willie off his feet.  He hits a elbow off the top for a two count.  Myers taunts Mack.  Mack gets upset and throws Myers into the ropes.  Myers does a sunset flip off the ropes and pulls the trunks for a three count!!

Winner.  Brian Myers

Myers celebrates his first win in Impact.

Heath is shown again.  He says #HeathforImpact needs to help Rhino next week against Reno Scum.  There is only a week to get him a shot in Impact.  He pleads for help from Impact fans online.

Back at Wrestle House…  The party is slowing down.  Some of the cast are asleep on the couch.  Rosemary starts talking to Lawrence D.  Bravo is looking jealous.  Dreamer tells Bravo to stop the date.  Lawrence D is then shown laying on a dinner table with a couple salads on it.  The table has candles.  Rosemary walks in and wonders what smells.  Just then, Bravo walks in stops the date.  He then slaps Lawrence D.  The slap then switches Lawrence D back to Larry D.  Dreamer just happens to be there at that moment and says, “Match Time!”

Match 4.  Bravo vs Larry D

Acey will serve as the special referee for the match.  Larry hits him one time, which almost kills Bravo.  Bravo stands up and takes another punch and gets pinned.  Rosemary feels bad for getting Bravo hurt.  Bravo says it is his fault.  He should have told Taya he had feelings for her.  Rosemary says, “What?”  Que the happy music…  Taya walks up and wonders what is going on.  Bravo admits his feelings for Rosemary.  Taya is shocked.  She confronts Rosemary and blames everything on her.  She tells Rosemary she is jealous.  Taya challenges her to a match next week.  The winner gets Bravo.

Match 5 Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo VS Jordynne Grace (30 Minute Iron Man Match)

History will be made tonight because this is the first Impact Knockouts Iron Man match.  This will be a match of power vs scientific mastery.  Grace muscles Purrazzo around the ring for the opening minutes in a collar and elbow tie up.  Grace then locks on a armbar, but the talented Purrazzo reverses the hold.  Grace then counters, which surprises Deonna.  They lock back up and Deonna puts on a side headlock and flip to the ground.  Grace then slips away and clamps on a head scissors.  Deonnna headstands out of the scissors.  Grace shoulder tackles Purrazzo and hits an arm drag off some crossing on the ropes.  She then ties Purrazzo up in a Boston Crab as we go to break.

Once back we have 20 minutes to go.  Grace is whipping Deonna violently across the ring to the corner.  Purrazzo hits hard and crumbles to the mat.  She then goes to the outside.  Grace follows, but Purrazzo might have been playing possum.  She connected with a stiff pump kick.  After throwing Grace back in the ring, she goes to work on the arm to set up her arm bar finisher.  Grace takes minutes of punishment.  Deonna stomps on the elbow at one point, with the hand tucked backwards underneath.  Vicious move…  Purrazzo finally goes for a pin and gets a two count.   She then goes right back to work on the arm of Grace.  This is telling a great story since Grace heavily depends on her power game.  Grace breaks another arm hold getting to the ropes.  Deonna just stands up and starts kicking Grace while she is smiling.  She gets a series of 2 counts.  After getting frustrated a bit, she tosses the battered Grace to the outside.  We go to break.

Back from the break, we see Purazzo  is still is dominating Grace.  Grace seems to have taken some serious punishment on the steps outside during the break.  We see some footage showing her head getting slammed on the metal.  Inside the ring, Grace is taking punishment, but refuses to be pinned.  Purrazzo is looking confident, but you can see the anger start to build up in Grace.  She finally headbuts Purrazzo in the midsection.  She pushes Deonna in the corner and throws repeated forearms to the chest.  Deonna pushes her back, but Grace charges and places Deonna on the top rope.  She hits a suplex off the second rope.  Six minutes are left in the match.  The two begin trading punches in the center of the ring.  Grace wins this encounter and then follows it up with multiple running back splashes to Purrazzo.  Grace then clamps on a sleeper.  Purrazzo falls asleep and Grace claims the first fall.

Grace 1 – 0

Grace goes right back to work, but Purrazzo reverses her and locks on a unreal  octopus like submission around her neck, arms and head.  Grace gets to the ropes.  Purrazzo goes beserk and starts attacking Grace viciously.  Grace tries to fight back and knocks out the referee  Grace then hits the Grace Driver.  The referee is knocked out.  She should be up 2 to 1 with another pin, but no.  Then a recovered Purrazzo gets the belt and slams Grace with it.  The referee wakes up and makes the pin.

1 – 1

Purrazzo immediately locks on a armbar with 1 minute to go.  Grace stands up and then takes another pump kick.  Deonna then hits a suplex and locks on the Venus hold.  Grace taps just before time runs out.

Winner 2 – 1 and still  Knockouts Champion.. Deonna Purrazzo

What a match to end the show.









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