Erick Rowan reveals the original payoff for the Cage Gimmick

Aug 25, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Erick Redbeard (Erick Rowan) revealed the original payoff for the Cage Gimmick was going to be a sewer rat but WWE kept extending the reveal so it was nixed and eventually changed to a mechanical spider

Erick also revealed some of his pitches that he gave to Paul Heyman for the Cage

1st Pitch: The actress who played Ma Petite from American Horror Story Freak Show to be inside his Cage, with them being friends, and him wanting to protect her from the dangers of the outside world

2nd Pitch: For him to have a Worst Fear Gimmick with him stalking a different opponent each week, finding out their worst fear, and carrying it around in his Cage when it was time for them to face off

(photo credit: WWE)

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