Potential shake up in the WWE power structure

Aug 20, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

SportsKeeda reports that there is a rumor backstage that Vince McMahon is planning to have his son Shane replace Bruce Prichard as the head writer of Monday Night RAW. Prichard had been brought on to replace Paul Heyman when he stepped down as RAW Executive Director back in June. Prichard is already working as the head writer of Smackdown, a job he took over when Eric Bischoff was ousted as the executive director of that brand.

According to the report, Shane McMahon has been more influential backstage than ‘most fans realize’. He had a big role in putting together the Royal Rumble this year and has been sitting with Vince at Gorilla Position during the main roster shows. He also helps produce and gives ideas. RAW Underground is based on an idea Shane had for years to have some crossover between wrestling and MMA. He tried to get Vince to buy UFC and other promotions in 2009 but his father balked at that.

When it comes to RAW, Bruce Prichard has reportedly been making it known backstage that he wants to lighten his work load and has had an issue with the long hours. Shane taking over would allow Prichard to focus solely on Smackdown.

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