Former WCW announcer on Renee Young: “bad move on her part”

Aug 19, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WCW announcer Chris Cruise via Facebook:

Renee Young is trending on Twitter because she’s departing the WWE. Bad move on her part, likely motivated by love — a foolish thing to sacrifice for.

People are talking about what a great talent she is and how she “is in a league of her own.” Low bar: she’s at the “good for pro wrestling” level I guess, but if you compare her performance to that of broadcasters on ESPN for example, you’ll see she doesn’t even come close. When she left her perch in Canada you don’t think she tried to get into ESPN? You think WWE was not a settle for her? You think she had a choice of WWE or ESPN? Is you crazy? She went to WWE because she couldn’t get into ESPN or other places.

She never has anything original or incisive to say, adds nothing to the broadcasts she’s on and has zero charisma (a problem for Canadians). I’m not sure why pro wrestling fans have this need to say things about people in the sport that are simply not true. Are they feeling the need to do so so that they can put themselves over? I’m baffled that anyone would think Renee Young is talented.

What am I missing? Please tell me.

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