Impact “Emergence” Report Night 1 8/18/20

Aug 18, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on the call.  A brief vignette begins the show and briefly goes over the card.

Match 1 TJP w/ Fallah Bahh VS Rohit Raju VS Chris Bey (Champion) for the X Division Title

Rohit promises Bey he will make this a 2 on 1 match.  We will see if that is indeed the case.  TJP takes out both Bey and Raju on the outside with a leap over the ropes.  Rohit recovers and climbs back in the ring only to be tossed back to the outside with a head scissors from the ring.  Bey comes in and scissors TJP to the mat.  Bey and TJP trade aerial moves.  Rohit grabs TJP’s legs from the outside, giving Bey a chance to leap from the top with a leg drop to the top of TJP’s head.  Rohit enters as Bey goes to the ground and lays in strong style fists to the face on TJP.  TJP finally kicks Rohit to the mid section and locks Bey in a standing leg crab.  Rohit comes to his rescue, but gets tied up by TJP with a version of the abdominal stretch.  Rohit gets away and takes him down.  Bey locks on a choke hold, but TJP reverses it and does an arm breaker.  Rohit then makes the save again.  Rohit methodically works him over in the corner, while Fallah starts to get angry on the outside.

After TJP puts on another impressive hold on both, resulting in a chicken wing on Bey and Rohit in a crab.  WOW.  Rohit escapes and saves Bey again, driving a elbow to the back of the neck.  Bey accidently knees Rohit.  Rohit falls to the outside.  This gives TJP a chance to work one on one.  He does a running cutter off the corner, top rope.  He then hits a Tombstone.  Then goes to the top, but Rohit tosses him off.  Rohit is slow to get to the top rope himself, giving TJP time to recover and join him.  He sets up a superplex on Rohit, then Bey comes under and sets up the TJP for a Road Warrior Lariat off the top, TJP blocks it and grabs Rohit and hits a suplex off the top.  He then locks Rohit and Bey and an Octopus.  He has the hands locked.  This is cool.  They escape.  Rohit and TJP trade blows in the center of the ring.  This match is incredible.

Rohit hits a vicious knee that rocks TJP.  He fails to follow up leaving Bey to work for himself.  He hits a DDT on TJP.  TJP kicks out at two.  Bey is clearly the fresher man at this point, but TJP hits a double underhook knee to the midsection.  TJP locks in the STF on Bey.  R0hit makes the save.  TJP hits a spring board dropkick to the outside on Rohit taking him out.  TJP re enters and hits a spring board dropkick on Bey.  Bey then gets crotched on the top rope.  Rohit knocks TJP off the top rope, then turns on Bey and double stomps him!  He then pins Bey!

Winner and NEW X Division Champion Rohit Raju!

What an incredible match.  Rohit celebrates his victory in the ring.  Bey looks in shock.

Back at Wrestle House…

Rosemary’s stuffed animals seem to be talking about the card.  They argue about being excited about the matches.  It was Crazzy Steve and Bravo with the dolls.  Steve is talked to the camera about everyone losing their minds.  He says he loves it.  Acey tells Larry D he smells.  Larry is dressed like he has a date.  Acey hates his cologne.  Larry now calls himself Lawrence D.  He is a ladies man.  His cologne is called Ring Rust.

The Good Brothers are in the back.  They are hyping the match tonight with Ace and Fulton.  They say then have their attention.  Karl Anderson asks them if this is really what they wanted.  Gallows says they will become famous from getting their asses kicked by the them.

Match 2.  Trey Miguel VS Moose (Champion) for the TNA World Championship.

Trey tricked Moose into this match last week.  He heads out first.  Moose comes out next.

Moose looks furious.  Trey tries chopping Moose to start the match.  That doesn’t work and gets him tossed and chopped in the corner by the bigger, champion.  We come back from break and Trey is still getting rag dolled by the bigger foe.  Trey goes back to kicks and aerial moves.  That move set works much better, but ultimately Moose catches him on the top rope.  Moose actually drop kicked Trey while he was on the corner post!  Moose follows Trey to the outside and punishes him all the way to nearly the count of 10, before tossing Trey back under the rope.  Madison is busy saying Trey can’t give up with this opportunity.  Moose beals Trey all the way from one corner to the other.  Trey gets up and cross bodies Moose, only to be caught and thrown backwards.  Moose nips up and tells everyone he is the best in the world.  Moose continues the punishment with stomps to the back of the head.  He then drapes his neck over the ropes and beats him almost senseless.  Moose then just tosses him across the ring again.  Trey gets picked up and begins to fight back.  He runs the ropes and gets hit with another Moose drop kick.  Moose then scratches his mouth and nose.  This is a one sided beatdown, but this is usually when Trey shines.

Moose attempts another slam, but Trey flips his momentum and lands on his feet.  He then connects with a superkick to Moose.  Trey hits a series of kicks and summersault kicks.  Moose catches Trey and sets him up for a suplex, but Trey reverses the move and hits a DDT.  Trey takes to air on the outside, but this time Moose catches him and swings his body into the steal barricade violently.  Moose drops him and rolls into the ring.  Moose doesn’t think he will beat the count, but Trey does.  Trey avoids the Lights Out once, but he runs the ropes and gets hit on the second attempt.  Moose retains.

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Moose.

Josh doesn’t want to call Moose a champion, but does.  Moose stands tall in the ring, until EC3 runs in and grabs him from behind.  He drops Moose on the back of his neck, grabs the belt and leaves the arena with it.

Hernandez is shown in the back pacing.  Reno Scum come back with his money.  They give him his money and Moose tips them for their work.  He tells them he will have more work for them in the future.

EY vignette airs.  It basically details his career and how all he has done to make him what he is now.  He will no longer be pushed aside.  He will be the 1st and 2nd choice.  He will take everything for himself.  This run is for him.

Flashback.  EY defeats Kurt Angle from 2015.

Willie Mack is shown with Jimmy Jacobs in the back.  Willie is distraught over the return of EY and what he did to his best friend, Rich Swann.  Just then Brian Myers grabs Jacobs and tells him nobody cares about what Willie is saying.  He is coming with him.  He makes Jimmy sit down and conduct an interview.  Brian says he has listened to everyone for their benefit for too long.  He is taking this business now in his hands.  He is tired of listening to a 70 year old man tell him he is a good hand.  He says all that got him was fired, while his wife is 6 months pregnant with their 3rd child.  He is now doing this for himself.  This run is for him.   Willie then attacks Myers as we go to break.

#Heath4Impact commercial airs next.  Heath says Biden picked the wrong running mate first.  He somehow brings that to his point of being on Impact.  He says everything would be good in the world.  He wants to help Rhino.  He says he is done.. The camera man says you still have 11 more seconds… Heath stairs at the camera with fireworks bombing behind him and says with a big smile, “I still got kids!”  LOL  That was funny.

Match 3.  Ace Austin and Madman Fulton VS Gallows and Anderson

Ace and Fulton enter first looking cocky.  The Good Brothers come out next.  They claim to be from Tokyo, Japan.  They are dressed in camo.  Gallows looks to be in incredible shape.  Anderson calls for Ace to start the match.  He works Ace over in the corner with chops.  Ace fights back, but Anderson is quicker to the punch and stronger.  Anderson pulls Ace to the corner by his ear.  Gallows tags in and grinds the point of his elbow in Ace’s nose and eyes.  Anderson tags back in, and fights his way to a tag.  Fulton comes in strong and takes the boots to Anderson, who is now trapped in their corner.  Ace tags in and hits a dropkick as Fulton holds Anderson still.  Anderson then gets to Gallows, who goes right back on the offensive.  Ace tags Fulton.  Now the two big men stand face to face.  They begin trading heavy blows to establish an advantage.  Neither man budges.  Nothing move wise gains an advantage for either.  They each take turns laying out big offense.  Fulton tags Ace he can’t do anything with Gallows.  Anderson tags in, but Gallows doesn’t leave until some classic GB’s tandem offense takes Ace off his feat.  Ace dropkicks Anderson in the back after Fulton distracts him.  Fulton tags back in and continues the attack with boots to the head.  Fulton tags and they double team Anderson.  Austin locks on arm bar and slices the webbing of the hands with his signature playing card.  They hit more double team moves, attacking his back and stomach.  Anderson fights back on Austin and hits a Spine buster.  He tags Gallows, who then cleans house.  He levels Ace repeatedly and hits a pump kick.  They attempt a Magic Killer, but Fulton interferes.  Anderson and Ace are left in the ring.  Ace hits a spinning kick.  He waits for Fulton to recover and make the tag.  Fulton his Snake Eyes onto Ace’s knee.  Ace tags back in.  Anderson trades punches with Ace.  They both go off their feet.  Fulton and Gallows brawl on the outside.  Fulton gets rammed into the barricade.  Gallows enters the ring to double team Ace.  They hit the Magic Killer and get the win.

Winners.  The Good Brothers.

Matthews notes this will not be the end of this fued.

Back to Wrestle House.

The group are in the kitchen talking about the match between Taya and Kylie.  Cody says he needs a beer.  He goes to the fridge and the beer is missing.  He and Cousin Jake start screaming they took our beer.  Cody wants to know who did it.  Swinger says he is Straight Edge, implying it couldn’t be him.  Nobody believes him, but he says he is just working the gimmick.  lol.   Cody and Jake accuse Acey of stealing their beer.  Susie says they are breaking their truce.  They all bow to each other and say truce…  Lawrence D walks up and porn music comes on.  He grabs some bottled fancy water.  He says he is a lover, not a fighter.  He gives a bottle to Rosemary and asks if she is watching the match tonight.  She takes the water, as a jealous Bravo watches.  Rosemary says she has to referee the match, but she would like a raincheck for some time with him.  Rosemary is doing a good job of making Bravo crazy.  Lawrence D walks by Bravo and says he doesn’t look so hot, and gives him the other water to make him feel better.  Susie says hello to Cousin Jake… as the segment ends.

Match 4 Kylie Rae VS Taya (at Wrestle House)

Rosemary is the special referee for this inter house contest.  Taya belittles Bravo before the match.  Kylie says they should be friends.  (Her and Taya)  Taya slaps her for good measure.  Kylie smiles it off as the match begins.  Kylie outwrestles Taya, but misses a splash, leaving Taya time to gain an advantage briefly.  Kylie hits a superkick.  As she goes for a splash of her own, Rosemary trips her.  Taya then goes back on the offensive.  She drags Kylie by the hair to the corner and slams her head into the turnbuckle.  She then rakes her face.  Kylie kicks out of a pin at two.  Kylie mounts a comeback as the roommates begin to cheer for her.  Taya then goes back to pulling hair, which has Susie almost in tears.  Kylie reverses a whip and does and arm drag into a basement superkick.  This gets her the worlds slowest 2 count.  Taya hits a suplex.  Kylie kicks out.  Taya almost takes out Rosemary with a running tackle.  They stop just in time, but as Taya turns around, she gets hit with a big superkick.  Taya takes the pin.

Winner Kylie Rae

Rosemary exits and tells Lawrence she will see him next week.  Crazzy Steve tells Bravo he is blind, but he can even see he is blowing it.  Cody tell Jake they need to find their beer as the segment ends.

Match 5 The North VS MCMGs (Champions) for the Impact World Tag Team Champions

The Main Event for night one will be a return match for the belts.  Alexander and Chris Sabin begin the match.  Sabin takes the early advantage frustrating The North with his speed.  He didn’t hurt them, just annoyed them.  Finally Page tags in and slows down Sabin enough to lay in some boots to the head.  The North trade quick tags and punish Sabin in the corner.   Madison says this is what The North must do to win.  Sabin works his way out of a double team to make a tag to Shelley.  He clears Page and basement dropkicks Alexander.  Page runs back in, but Sabin joins and the Machine Guns double team Alexander with various, fast leg twists, kicks and double team moves.

Back from break, Shelley has Josh on his back.  He is working the leg and knee.  Mathews says they have been working this knee the entire commercial break.  Josh kicks Shelley in the back.  Page connects from the outside, then tags in.  Page stays on the back attack that The North has recently started on Shelley.  Both Shelley and Josh are in bad shape.  Josh tags back in and locks up the leg of Shelley.  He tags back to Page.  Page goes back to elbows to the back of the neck.  He attempts a suplex, but Shelley knees him while he was on his shoulder.  Josh runs in to not give Shelley a break.  Shelley fights his way off the double team moves, and makes the tag to the fresh, Chris Sabin.  Sabin hits multiple flying forearms.  He then punts Josh from the ring apron.  The Guns then begin to hit double team moves.  Page gets rolled up, but kicks out at two.  Shelley hits sliced bread on Page.  Guns hits more tandem moves on The North.  Sabin and Shelley set Page for double superkicks, but Josh re enters and breaks up the attack.  He hits a German Suplex on Sabin.  The North Hit the ASCS, but Sabin kicks out.  Page is shocked.  Page made a sloppy cover.  They go back another double team move, but Sabin rolls up Page for a two count.  All four are down in the middle of the ring.  Josh and Shelley are up first, then Page.  Shelley fails on another sliced bread and pays for it from both Page and Josh.  Sabin gets back up and heads to the top rope.  Sabin hits a swinging DDT, but Josh gets him from behind and boxes the ears.  Shelley hits an inverted atomic drop on Josh and Sabin runs the ropes and basement dropkicks Josh as Shelley holds him up, face first.  Double superkick to Page, then Shelley jumps from the top on to Page, while Sabin holds him backwards.  Sabin makes the pin.

Winners and still Champions.. The Motor City Machine Guns

Night one of Emergence was absolutely awesome.  What fantastic matches.





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