Deville’s guest at her house the night of kidnapping attempt was Mandy Rose

Aug 18, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

According to a story on the Tampa Bay News, the guest who was sleeping at Sonya Deville’s place the night there was the attempted armed kidnapping was none other than her best friend, and her on-screen rival, Mandy Rose.

In her police report account, Deville said that she saw the man walking towards her after she disarmed the alarm and ran to the room where Rose was sleeping, telling her that there’s an intruder and need to go.

The two managed to escape through the garage with Deville’s car, calling 911 along the way. Hillsborough police showed up within minutes, with the intruder Phillip A. Thomas II, still in the house.

Deville and Rose were able to avoid the intruder after following the video from her security system. While Thomas followed her, he thought she ran up the stairs when in fact, they made a dash to the garage instead, leaving them enough time to escape.

According to the report, there was a message on social media that Thomas left to Deville just a couple of hours before the attempted kidnapping which read, “Look outside, baby, by your pool. I’m here. I’m gonna kill that little b*tch you have inside with you.”

Deville discovered the messages in the message request folder which she does not check. “I’m a public figure with a social media following of almost 1 million so all his messages were in my ‘request’ folder, which is filled with thousands of messages from people I do not follow,” Berenato wrote in the petition to have a temporary injunction against him.

A judge granted her request and Thomas remains in jail after admitting to the whole plot. A hearing is scheduled Thursday on the prosecution motion to prevent Thomas’ release on bail.

(photo credit: WWE)

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