Triple H says WWE found no evidence in Velveteen Dream allegations

Aug 17, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Triple H was taken to task in an interview with CBS Sports and questioned why Velveteen Dream was brought back to NXT television after all the allegations against him during the #SpeakingOut movement.

“You know, in this day today, accusations are made and you take them all very seriously,” Triple H said. “You look into them the best you can, and you find out what is there and what isn’t.” Triple H said that that the company made an investigation into the claims but found nothing to corroborate the stories.

Velveteen Dream was accused of grooming young boys, with the alleged victims posting screenshots of direct messages from social media, photos, and even sound bites.

During the same time when accusations came out, Dream was also involved in a vehicle accident and ended up in hospital. That was the reason Dream was off television, according to Triple H.

“That’s what took him off TV. In the moment, all this other stuff happens and you look into it and you find that there is a situation that people bring to everyone’s attention, you look into it and find that it is what it is and there’s nothing there,” he said.

Triple H doubled down on Dream, and said that WWE is comfortable with him continuing to do what he does.

“It stemmed down to people thought we removed him from TV for different reasons. We didn’t. He was in a car accident,” Triple H added.dream

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