Bret Hart Claims He Helped Hulk Hogan Out Early in Hulk’s Career

Aug 17, 2020 - by James Walsh

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Bret Hart discussed his experiences working with Hulk Hogan early in their careers and more on the latest episode of his paid Confessions of the Hitman series. Some highlights from the discussion (per Wrestling Inc) are below:

On his experiences with Hogan early on: “I knew Hulk from Japan. I wrestled him in Atlanta, Georgia when I first started. I actually helped him a lot when he first started with wrestling. I worked with him every night. We’d wrestle for about 30 seconds and then I’d lost in a bear hug. He didn’t know how to do anything! I think at that time he could barely walk into the ring and he didn’t know how to hit the ropes or anything.”

On Hogan’s moveset at the time: “It’s easy stuff to do strongman stuff. It’s like, pretty elementary stuff. Hulk Hogan could do a good bodyslam, a good clothesline, and a bear hug. And that’s his match back then anyway. And he improved slightly by the time he got to WWE.”

On trying to convince Hogan to train in the Hart Dungeon: “I remember trying to get him to come up to Calgary and he’d always tell me through his career when I was in [WWE], he’d always tell me, ‘I wished I had gone up to Calgary now. That’s what I’m missing. I don’t have the wrestling skills like you guys got.’ To be honest, we had to work harder and it made us better wrestlers.”

On his 1984 WWE tryout: “I remember me and Dynamite Kid, in a million ways, we were far superior wrestlers than many of the wrestlers who were big names then, but on the talking part, we couldn’t even lace their boots up. I remember Hogan would give me goosebumps up my arms when I’m sitting in the room listening to him about the pythons and the ‘let me tell you something, brother.’”

On Roddy Piper helping him with his mic skills: “A guy that helped me a lot with that department, like working to improve, I remember Roddy talking to me, ‘You’re a great wrestler, but you’ve got to learn to talk because you won’t ever make any money if you can’t talk.’ And I remember [responding], like, Tthe wrestling is more important.’ [Piper] was like, ‘no, they’re about 50/50. If you can’t do one, you’re not going to get anywhere with the other. Being a great wrestler means squat! You’ve got to be a good wrestler and you’ve got to know how to talk.’”

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