Jericho on the departures of Sadie Gibbs and Bea Priestley

Aug 16, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

On his most recent Saturday Night Special Q&A session, Chris Jericho commented on the release of Gibbs and Priestley and had nothing but glowing comments for both women. He would admit that Sadie Gibbs needed a little bit more training and revealed that she was even planning on moving to Atlanta, Georgia prior to the pandemic.

“I hate to see anybody lose their jobs and I like both of them. I think they’re both really good. Bea is really good and then Sadie has great potential. She needs more experience, which she knows, and I think she was about ready to move to Atlanta even but then the freaking pandemic hit, and those girls got stuck. I think Bea lives in Japan but also England or whatever and same with Sadie.”

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