Brandi Rhodes on AEW Heels: “The opportunities are endless”

Aug 15, 2020 - by James Walsh

Brandi Rhodes is bullish on the future of the AEW Heels platform and has a lot of ideas regarding what can be done as things move forward. Rhodes spoke with WrestleJoy and discussed the female wrestling fan membership platform, which launched last week. You can see some highlights from her comments and the full audio below:

On future plans for AEW Heels: “When we’re able to get back to business as usual — which I am so hopeful happens sooner than later — I am very excited to get together and do obviously a very big, first Heels everybody-get-together type of party. Which is something that would obviously revolve around something like a PPV that happens on a weekend so that hopefully as many people can make it as possible. But not unlike a lot of things that we have done with Starrcast events in the past, I would like to do a lot of Heel-sspecific [things]. So like, Heels-specific meet and greets, VIP events, like I said, big gatherings and parties where we can have all different types of themes and just various fun aspects to that. I also would really love to do a Heels episode [of] Shot Of Brandi that we can shoot and I’ll be a part of, and have key individuals work with me on things.”

On the future of what they can do with the platform: “The opportunities are endless. A lot of stuff that we are doing virtually will translate even better in person. So we’re just hoping and waiting, and in the meantime I think everything that we have planned for the rest of the year to do virtually and via website is going to be extremely fulfilling, and a whole lot of fun, and only just amp people up for the future.”

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