Erick Rowan reveals an idea he pitched to WWE

Aug 14, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Erick Rowan reveals pitch he made for the cage angle earlier this year

Erick RedBeard (Rowan) did an interview with Sportskeeda today about what was Orginally in the cage and The Plans Behind it

So at the start he was not told what would be inside of the cage. Later down the road he was informed that it would be some sort of large rodent or a rat that would eventually get killed by a babyface Champion. The death of the rodent/rat was supposed to show that his character cared about something. The person they had in mind turned heel so the reveal ended up getting extended.

He said that he started pitching his own ideas for what could be in the cage. One of them was a Jyoti Amge (the world’s smallest woman) from American Horror Story. The other idea was to have nothing physical in the cage and when someone looked inside of it it would show them their worst fear.

He said “All that build for something so trivial was kinda sucky for me, cause we go to work and we put in all these things and you have all these ideas in your head, and then that’s what it is. I sent messages to Heyman. I sent messages to the writers. I wrote out long things about what I thought it should be. Here’s what we could pitch. I had over the top ideas about it.”

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