Terry Funk on Sabu’s influence on the wrestling world

Aug 13, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“He created a different look to the profession and I really mean that. What he created was ‘Hey, this guy is going beyond what he should possibly do in the ring,’ and he did. He would go in the ring and physically abuse himself and do things that physically hurt himself. He’s still wrestling, but they definitely shortened his career, you know? That guy has got a tremendous heart and a love for his business and that’s why he did what he did and took the chances that he took within the ring.

“He loved the business, I’m sure he still loves it, but as far as far as financially goes, it wasn’t that good to him. Why? Because the one person that makes you rich wasn’t there and he had the qualities to do it, but he did so much. And he loved it so much that he is very much like Cactus, destroyed their bodies for the fans.”

Source: Wrestlezone

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