Eric Bischoff on his AEW ‘cameo’, how he missed television

Aug 13, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“It was really fun. When I was in WWE, I wasn’t an on-air performer. I hadn’t really done anything in front of the camera in probably more than five years, six years. A lot of the work that I had been doing for that in TNA, some of it I really enjoyed and some of it was a necessary evil. The character wasn’t really that interesting of a character, it was the same old, same old character that people had seen in WWE and WCW to a large degree. The extension of that character into TNA worked well for a couple of situations and a period of time,” Bischoff said, “but you just can’t play the same character over and over and over again and expect the audience to stay interested in it unless you round out that character and it changes and evolves, and it didn’t. I think I was getting a little tired of doing television while I was doing TNA because it just wasn’t challenging or fun or new.

“And to stop doing television for a few years, a few things happened—I realized how much I missed it. I enjoy doing it. It’s just like certain physical things I enjoy and if I don’t do them enough I start missing them. I love running, if I don’t run often enough I miss it and the way it makes me feel, and that’s kinda true with doing television. There’s a vibe I get playing somebody other than myself—to a large degree or a small degree, depending on the scene—but it was just fun and it felt natural. I was excited to do it again and I miss it.

Source: Wrestlezone

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