Orton turns on Ric Flair and punts him in the head

Aug 11, 2020 - by James Walsh

Randy Orton made a massive statement on Raw last night and turned on two-time WWE Hall of FAmer Ric Flair.

After Orton successfully defeated Kevin Owens in the main event of Raw, Orton ran down Flair first but then said that he’s still competing because he learned a lot from the Nature Boy.

Orton recounted a story of how he got in trouble in Illinois once when he was 22 years old and Ric was the only person who helped him out.

But despite all this, Orton told Flair that he does not respect him anymore and doesn’t love him anymore, calling him a liability. He mentioned how he is the son Flair wished he wanted and called him a “junkie” who is past his time.

Responding to Orton, Flair said that he admits he likes being in the spotlight and at 71 years of age, he still gets to appear on Raw and old friends like Hulk Hogan call him to see what it feels like to still have that spotlight on him after all these years.

Flair said he wanted to be by Orton’s side when he broke his record of 16 title wins and called Orton the best performer in professional wrestling.

Orton then took the mic away from Flair and hugged him but then gave the HOFer a low blow. After he delivered the low blow, Orton held Flair and eased him on the mat. Orton then set up Flair for the punt but the kick to the head was never shown as the lights went out, presumably to really be careful with Flair. The lights came back up to show Flair completely knocked out from the punt.

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