Impact Report 8/11/20

Aug 11, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Who will Eddie Edwards face in his Open Challenge?  What will Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows do to gain revenge against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton?  What’s next with Bravo and Rosemary?  All this and more will be answered in this weeks edition of Impact!

Tonight’s show opens with a vignette featuring Rich Swann.  The horrific injury he overcame, and the horrible acts that Eric Young did at Slammiversary.  It also showed his retirement announcement and EY’s ultimate attack.

Willie Mack and EY start off backstage brawling.  Mack is looking for retribution for the horrible attack on Rich Swann last week.

The two work there way to the ring area.  The refs are trying to pull them apart and finally they separate the two.  Mack grabs the mic and says,  lets do it now.  EY leaves, but Mack chases and beats him back to the ring.

Match 1 Willie Mack VS EY

Finally the bell rings and the match begins.  Mack is going at EY looking for heavy, strong style damage.  This is nothing but a brawl.  EY bails from the ring to take powder and regroup.  EY hits a neck breaker as he re-enters, but Willie quickly tosses him from the ring and dives on him to the outside.  EY gets tossed to the corner and scales the ropes.  Mack chases and gets met with an eye gauge and huge Macho Man elbow from the top rope after he fell to the mat.  EY gets a two count.  EY rolls Mack over and repeatedly knees him in the neck.  EY then stays on the neck with choke holds, but hits a northern lights suplex after Mack stands and recovers.  EY shrugs it off and nails Mack with a clothes line. then locks on a rear neck/choke hold that turns into a side headlock.  Mack fights out with elbows and eventually a slam and leg drop.  Mack hits a Samoan drop and standing moonsault and gets a two count.  EY grabs the eyes of Mack and slips to back to put on a sleeper.  Mack drops backside first, into a Stunner.  Mack goes to the outside for a chair.  The ref threatens DQ, but Mack doesn’t care.  Mack places the chair on EY’s leg and heads to the top, but he took to long and EY escapes and knocks him off the top.  He then connects with a piledriver and gets the 3 count.

Winner Eric Young

Rayne and Mathews discuss tonight’s card.

Next Week starts Emergence!  Also Locker Room Talk returns tonight.

Gallows and Anderson are shown enraged looking for Fulton and Ace.  They have a match tonight, but they don’t want to wait.

Back to Wrestle House!

Taya calls everyone back to the living and announces TV for the house tonight will be Taya’s favorite hits!  Nobody seems to thrilled.  They all come up with reasons nobody wants to watch.  Most have some reasons to leave that deal with bathroom issues.  She makes Bravo give her a backrub, which Rosemary gets jealous over.   Meanwhile Swinger tells stories of Lord Littlebrook to Crazzy Steve.  LOL.  This is great stuff.  Steve heads over to Rosemary as we pan back to a match where Taya faceplants Rosemary.  Less than thrilled, Rosemary gets questioned on jealousy by Steve.  Meanwhile Cousin Jake is getting prepared for a date with Susie.

Backstage Rhino gets attacked from Reno Scum.  They steal his money for Hernandez.

Match 2.  Kimber Lee VS Jordynne Grace

Josh reminds us in two weeks, Grace will challenge Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship.  Grace takes an early advantage with a series of power moves.  Shoulder blocks and slams, give her the advantage.  After an Irish Whip, Lee gets protected by the ref and connects with a stiff kick to Grace’s head.

Back from break, the two are rolling around with each getting pinfall attempts.  Nice exchange of pure wrestling.  Lee goes to the top, but Grace blocks her and climbs up to the top as well.  Lee knocks her off and goes for the Swonton Bomb.  Grace raises her knee and then locks on a sleeper and Lee taps.

Winner.  Jordynne Grace

Post Match, Grace celebrates a hard earned victory.

Locker Room Talk is back.  Swinger is not with them as he is at Wrestle House, but Locker Room Talk has a new sponser.  Heath!  #Heath3Impact is the sponser slogan.  Heath says he is the hottest free agent in wrestling.  He says he still has kids and needs a job.  Madison cuts his time off and introduces RVD and Katie Forbes.  The two are all over each other and making out as usual.  Rayne gets annoyed and just leaves.  The two decide to interview each other.  RVD says his favorite thing about Katie is that it gives the world another reason to believe it is amazing to be RVD.  Katie is about to ask Rob what is so amazing about her when Sami Callihan’s visual aid appears and he ends up in Madison’s chair.  Sami looks over and attacks RVD.  Katie sprays something in Sami’s eyes giving them a chance to beat Sami down as the segment ends.

Backstage the Rascalz are wondering where Trey is.  Just then Suicide shows up in a Rascalz jacket looking ready to party, he rips off his mask.. it is Trey.  They all laugh except Dez.  He seems annoyed.   Moose walks up and confronts the group.  Wientz is wearing an EC3 jacket.  Moose challenges Suicide, (Trey) to a match next week for the title.  Trey put his mask back on before Moose saw it was Trey.

Back to Wrestle House

Rosemary talks to the camera about jealousy as she notices Larry D watching the match with her and Taya on the TV.  Taya is winning and Rosemary is annoyed.  She blows what appears to be a love potion on him.  Flowers bubble from his face.  We skip to Susie getting ready for her date with Cousin Jake.  Alisha is giving Susie advice.  Jake and Susie sit for dinner.  This is a site to be seen.

Back to the living room, Larry is looking lovingly to Rosemary.  Acey notices as he shoves popcorn down his throat.  They begin arguing.  Dreamer enters and says it is match time!  Taya complains you can go watch two hamburgers wrestle, but you have a filet mignon on tv!!!

Match 3 Acey Romero VS Larry D

Cody Deaner is once again the ref.  The two begin hammering each other right away.  This is by far the most hard hitting match in Wrestle House.  Acey maintains a advantage until he missed a legdrop.  Larry sets him up and hits a stiff shot to the head.  He gets the pin and tells Rosemary this was for her.

Winner. Larry D

Deonna is backstage talking smack about Jordynne Grace.  She says she wants a 30 minute Iron Man match at Emergence.

The next segment deals with the North and the MCMG.  It sets up their match at Emergence.

Match 4.  Havok and Nevaeh VS Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan

This is a No DQ match.  There are various weapons all around the ring.  Havok hits a swinging slam to start the match on Steelz.  Hogan and Neveah are on the outside fighting.  Hogan grabs Havok’s leg from the outside to stop her momentum.  Steelz uses a chair to the face of Havok with an RVD kick to the head using the flying chair.  Neveah tags in and hits a series of suplexes on Steelz.  Havok takes a stiff shot to her knee on the outside.  Hogan threw her to the ring step.  Hogan and Steelz double team Neveah in the ring.  The two don’t have to tag, so they just double team Neveah with objects and tandem moves.  Havok gets booted from the apron every time she tries to enter.  Hogan gets a two count.  Neveah begins a comeback on Hogan and Havok finally kicks Steelz to the outside.  Havok grabs a table and sets it up on the outside.  Neveah gets a two count on Hogan.  Havok enters and so does Steelz.  The four are fighting in the ring.  Havok ends up the only left on her feet.  She picks up Steelz and goes for the Tombstone Piledriver, but Hogan jumps to her feet and saves Steelz.  The two then try for a double suplex, but Havok reversed the move.  Havok goes for the kill on both with a spear, but misses.  She ends up on the outside apron in front of the table.  Havok goes for a suplex on Tasha onto the table.  Hogan makes the save with a boot.  Havok crashes threw the table below.  Neveah enters with a sign and takes out Steelz.  She misses Hogan with a shot and takes a kick to the head and hits a swinging neck breaker for the win.

Winners.  Tasha and Kiera  

Gallows and Anderson are shown backstage still looking for Ace and Fulton.  D’Amore tells them they can’t just walk around in the back looking for a fight.  The two go to the ring saying they won’t leave until they get them.  D’Amore talks to himself as the segment ends, saying he is getting a real Hall and Nash vibe from these two.  He was not happy.

Moose is shown backstage.  He sees a vignette of EC3.  EC3 is talking directly to him.  He says he is coming and has been warned.  Moose looks paranoid as we go to break.

Match 5. Suicide VS Suicide

Apparently Dez didn’t find the segment earlier as funny as Trey and Wentz.  Is this the real Suicide or is it Trey?  Dez looks determined as he comes to the ring.  The two high flyers lock up and Suicide ties him up quickly from behind.  The two trade full arm twists.  Dez hits a few chops and backs Suicide in the corner…

Gallows and Anderson crash the arena and take out Dez, Wentz and Suicide.  They hit the Magic Killer on Suicide.

They grab the mic and tell Fulton and Ace they messed with the wrong brothers.  They said they are not leaving.  Ace and Fulton are showed on the Tron.  Ace says they are not in the same state.  He said they will fight on his time.  The fight will be night one of Emergence.

No Contest

Flashback.  Cody VS Eddie Edwards.    Winner Eddie Edwards.

Chris Bey is backstage with Rohit.  He says TJP is coming for Bey.  He tells him he should make the match a triple threat so he can protect him.  Bey says they should do it.  Rohit smiles as Bey leaves.  We go to break.

Brian Myers vignette again.  He says he is a complete professional wrestler.

Back to Wrestle House.

Cousin Jack asks Susie if she enjoyed his company.  She says she has but then she gets a demonic look on her face.  This scares Cousin Jake who runs in fear.  Susie snaps back to character as Alisha comes back in.  She she asks Susie what was wrong.  Susie says her advice was bad and that upsets Alisha.  Tommy shows up.. You guessed it.  Match time.

Match 6.  Alisha VS Susie

Crazzy Steve is the ref.  They tried to talk out their differences.  Susie smacks Alisha to the ground.  She tackles Susie.  They start pulling each others hair.  Alisha runs into Steve.  Susie picks her up and whips her to the ropes.  They clothesline each other.  They get back to their feet and trade blows strong style.  Susie rolls up Alisha and gets the win.  Alisha pouts and says it is not fair.

Winner Susie

Taya walks to the ring and says this is enough.  She wants them to all come in and watch her win the championship.  Kylie Rae says they don’t want to watch and they are tired.  They should all go to sleep.  Taya shrugs her off.  Susie says Kylie beat her twice and she is the #1 contender.  Taya says Kylie hasn’t beat anyone.  Kylie agrees and says your right!  She jumps to the ring and lays out a challenge.

Tommy Dreamer attempts to say Match Time, but Rosemary interferes.  Taya says she is busy watching her match and maybe she can book her in next week.  The segment ends.

Match 7 Eddie Edwards (Champion) VS ???  ….   

Eddie says prior to his match.. He wants EY.

Brian Myers enters

Myers enters saying he is not Eddie Edwards.  He says he is the Most Professional Wrestler.  Challenge accepted.

Myers looks to be in fantastic shape.  The two lock up collar and elbow.  Josh talks about all the championships he has won.  He even mentions the Major Wrestling Podcast.  Myers takes Eddie down with a swinging headlock.  Then he hits a shoulder block off of whip.  Eddie connects with a running elbow, but Myers gets right back and connects with several punches in the corner.  Off another whip, Eddie takes Myers to the outside with a clothesline as we go to break.

Back from break, Eddie hits a belly to belly suplex.  Myers rolls to the outside.  Eddie chases him and circles back and connects with a knee.  Eddie falls to the floor.  Myers follows and swings him into the apron violently before tossing Eddie in the ring.  Myers maintains an advantage in the ring with elbows to the back of the neck.  He then locks in a rear headlock with a knee to the back of Edwards neck.  Edwards stands out of the hold and spins.  Myers whips Eddie, but Eddie tosses him from the ring.  Eddie follows with a dive, but both took a nasty fall.  Eddie looks to have hurt his knee.  Myers throws him into the barricade and runs in the ring.  Myers attacks Edwards as he enters the ring.  He hits a back suplex for a two count.  He then locks on a sleeper.  Edwards stands out of it and gives shots to the mid section.  Eddie then suplexes Myers into the corner ring post.  Eddie recovers and splashes Myers in the corner.  Eddie then hits a backpack stunner for a two count.  Eddie then goes for a Tiger Driver that Myers reverses into a DDT for a two count.  Myers stalks his prey.  He charges, but Eddie hits a superkick into a Tiger Driver.  He only gets a two count.  Eddie misses a Boston Knee Party.  Myers goes off the ropes and Eddie doesn’t miss this time and gets the three with the knee!

Winner and still Champion, Eddie Edwards.

Edwards stands tall as the show ends.



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