FTR Claim Multiple Wrestlers Pitched Working With Them In WWE

Aug 11, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Dax Harwood talked about guys like Orton and Roman Reigns going to Vince McMahon to try to convince him that he would do more with FTR, then known as The Revival.

Harwood said, “I told them (WWE) that if they messed up this opportunity with us and Randy, there is no reason to resign these contracts. None at all. We watched Roman Reigns go to Vince and say I want to work with these guys and he said I want them to beat me. We watched Bray Wyatt do that, and also Matt Hardy, The Usos, New Day and then of course we watched Randy do it on a weekly basis.

The reason it lasted for 6 or 8 weeks was because Randy pushed for it so hard for that long. The things we were doing with him and New Day could have been such a great money making venture, but that wasn’t the plans. That’s not what Vince wanted.

We would get 2 days home and I’m infatuated with my wife and daughter, but I would take hours away from them to sit in front of the computer to type up pitches and angles and storylines for me and Cash to present to the creative team, to present to Vince and they never got used. But I never stopped because I wanted us to be the best and I wanted him to know we are working harder than anybody else or at least as hard as anybody else to be able to be on that television.

Randy respected our work and our work ethic to the point that, and I don’t know if he would want us to tell this, but he can’t get too mad at us because he loves us.

He flew down to Ashville to work with us for his Greatest Match of All Time at Backlash because he wanted to get ready and get his technical wrestling down and things like that. We created a bond and a friendship. I wish they would have gone with it, but they didn’t.”

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