MLW Chief Medical Physician Shares Update on Evaluating Timeline for League’s Return

Aug 10, 2020 - by James Walsh

Major League Wrestling (MLW) recently shared an update speaking to the promotion’s chief medical physician, Dr. Swglar, who commented on when the promotion might be able to return amidst the currently ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. According to Dr. Sweglar, MLW is “evaluating the league’s timeline” for a return to action, and they are seeking to proceed with caution.

Sweglar noted, “We’ve seen some sports league find success while some have struggled this summer with their restarts.” He added, Our approach has been to be as careful as possible in evaluating the league’s timeline to a return to competition.”

Sweglar recently attended John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland to discuss current advances in treatment for the coronavirus. He noted that a vaccine as a tool for controlling the virus still raises many questions. Sweglar stated, “A vaccine is a tool, of sorts, to control the virus.” He went on,”There is great possibility the vaccine won’t be 98% effective and could perhaps be as low as 50% effective, which would be the floor for FDA approval. There’s also an outside possibility efficacy alludes us for some time.”

The doctor added that the virus may not be eliminated at all, and we will likely have to try to bring the virus to low levels to bring an end to the pandemic. He continued, “There is a possibility the virus may never be eliminated. But we can bring the virus to low levels, which would end the pandemic and allow this to be more controlled.”

At the moment, Dr. Sweglar is working with medical advisors and will keep the league informed on a potential road to a restart. As previously reported, MLW CEO Court Bauer appeared to be teasing a return to action for the promotion last week on Twitter.

While MLW has been on hiatus due to the pandemic, the promotion has continued to release retrospective shows, such as Underground and Pulp Fusion.

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