Impact Report, 8/4/20

Aug 4, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Tonight’s show starts with the fallout from last weeks show and how it will shape up tonight’s match line up.  Will EY make show up to confront the Champion, Eddie Edwards.  What will become of EC3?  What will Jordynne Grace do to regain the Knockout’s Championship?  How will Ace Austin and Madman Fulton get under the skin of the Good Brothers this week?

Heath comes out to start the show.  Can he earn a spot on the Impact roster?  Will Moose end the chances of Heath’s redemption?

Match 1.   Moose (TNA World Champion) VS Heath for the TNA Championship

The two tie up and Heath gains an early advantage.  He clotheslines Moose out of the ring.  Moose slings Heath into the barricade.  Josh Matthews mentions Heath never had any real chances in WWE.  The two go back and forth on the outside until Heath slams Moose’s head into the corner post and pushes Moose back in the ring.  Heath continues on the attack inside until Moose hangs up Heath over the top rope, crushing his throat.  Moose furthered the advantage draping Heaths neck over the lower ropes while kicking him.  Heath connects with some punches to the stomach, but Moose connects with a dropkick off a whip off the ropes.  Heath tries again with punches, but is hit with a pump kick.  Moose lays in the smack talk and slings Heath into the corner violently.  Madison talks about Heath’s family and how he needs this win to provide for them.  The desperation in Heath’s eyes turns to anger.  He begins to pull himself to his feet and fight back against Moose. He hits two flying forearms and then a high knee and follow up side kick for a two count.  Heath gets another quick count off a school boy.   Moose gets tossed into the referee, who gets knocked out.  Heath hits a Wake Up Call finisher, but the ref can’t get up to make the count.  He has Moose out.  He tries to wake the ref, who is slow to recover.  Heath returns to Moose, who greets him with a shot to the groin.  The ref craws over to Moose, who now has Heath pinned and makes the 3 count.

Winner and Still TNA Champion, Moose

Moose sells the punishment as he heads out of the arena.  Josh says Heath’s chances of joining Impact are over.

Emergence will start in two weeks!  They also go over the card for tonight.

Gia Miller is with Willie Mack.  She questions him about what is next for his best friend, Rich Swann.  Willie says he doesn’t understand why EY did what he did.  He says he will be there for Rich.

EC3 pro next.  He wants the TNA World Championship.  He says he wants to Control The Narrative.  He warns Moose he is coming.

Jimmy Jacobs conducts an in ring interview with the Motor City Machine Guns.  The Champs enter the ring in street clothes with their belts.  Jimmy ask why are they back in Impact.  Shelley says he had to come back to prove themselves one last time.  He mentions his time in NJPW and that he is proud of that time, but he is most proud of his time with Chris Sabin and being with him during his rehab from tearing his ACL.  They had to know if they could compete with today’s stacked roster.  The North interrupt the interview.  Josh Alexander speaks first, because Page still looks too distraught to speak.  Josh says they were Champions and became Champions from earning it.  They were not able to walk in and just demand a match.  Page loses it and says they never beat The North at a 100%.  Shelley says you learned a lesson.  You can’t always win.  He says how about a rematch now.  Page says they are not ready.  Josh says they will take their rematch when it is on their terms at Emergence.

Kimber Lee enters Deonna Purrazzo’s dressing room.  Kimber offers to give help Deonna help in return for a match of her own for the Knockouts Championship.  Kimber says she will take out Jordynne Grace for her.  Deonna accepts.

Back at Wrestle House, Taya is gathering everyone to make some announcement.  As everyone sits, tensions are rising amongst the roommates.  Taya wants to do a group bonding exercises.  She hands everyone a personal grooming kit.  Kylie wants to get back to wrestling, Rosemary says we leave when “HE” says something.  Tommy says it is time for a match after Swinger gets into an altercation with Alisha Edwards and Susie.

Match 2.  Johnny Swinger VS Alisha Edwards and Susie

Cody Deaner will be the referee for today’s match.  Swinger is busy posing for the girls in the ring and asks them if they want to kiss his biceps.  Both ladies grab an arm and sweep his legs.  They work together for with kicks.  Swinger’s idea of an advantage is grabbing them and posing.  The girls take him down with a double leg sweep and then a tandem splash and get the three count.

Winners Alisha and Susie

Back in the house, Kylie introduces herself to Bravo.  Kylie is annoying him, but she says this entire show is about Rosemary and him.  Bravo says he knows what she is implying and walks off saying he can take a hint.  Kylie wanting to be the matchmaker, looks on hoping she helped progress a budding relationship.  I am not sure Bravo understood.

Flashback Match.  Sami VS Brian Cage.  Sami Callahan wins the Championship.

Gallows and Anderson are seen walking out to their car.  It has been broken into.  They had some unopened beers in the car that have been drank and the empty cans have been thrown on the ground.  A police officer walks up and says it is illegal to have open container in a car.  As The Good Brothers explain their side of the story, Ace Austin walks up telling the officer he is very happy that he came.  He says The Good Brothers are always drinking.  Gallows and Ace begin pushing each other.  Fulton joins in.  Just as Gallows blindly throws an elbow, Fulton moves and Gallows connects with the officer.  The officer then arrests Gallows.  Anderson pleads that this was a set up as the segment ends.

Brian Myers vignette airs.  He is coming.

Match 3.  Eddie Edwards (Impact World Champion) VS … a mystery person…  Sami Callahan for the Impact Championship

Eddie heads out first.  He has no idea who he is going to face, and according to Matthews, he likes it that way.  As soon as Sami comes out, he is attacked by RVD and Katie Forbes.  Officials from the back try to break up the altercation.  Sami gets to his feet as RVD bails.  Sami tells the ref to ring the bell even though he is down.  Eddie immediately hits a Tiger Driver and gets a two count.  Josh brings up the famous or infamous baseball bat incident that Sami took to Eddie’s face.  Edwards apparently hasn’t forgotten that incident and isn’t giving an inch to Sami.  Sami connects with a dive to the outside to gain an advantage, but Eddie returns the favor and smashes Sami who topples into the barricade.  Eddie uses the barricade as a weapon until Sami gets to the ring apron.  Eddie attempts a Tiger Driver that is blocked and Sami hits a pile driver on the apron.  That was gross.  The count gets to 6 before they get to their feet.  Sami breaks the count and goes back on the offensive on the outside.  Once back in the ring, Sami hits a running elbow to the face.  He gets a two count.  Sami gouges the mouth and eyes sadistically.  The two trade punches until Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb.  This match is absolutely brutal.  Eddie goes for another Tiger Bomb, but Sami reverses it to a backdrop and follows it up with a exploder suplex.  Eddie fights to feet and then takes Sami’s version of the Go To Sleep for a two count.  Eddie gets right back up and gives Sami a Tiger Driver.  Sami kicks out!  Sami hits a pile driver, Eddie gets his foot on the bottom rope.  Sami rolls out to get a chair.  Madison says he will get disqualified.  He thinks better of it and tosses the chair.  He takes an immediate Boston Tea Party, then another and Eddie Retains with the 3 count.

Winner and still Impact World Champion, Eddie Edwards

Back at Wrestle House, Kylie is checking on the upset Bravo.  He doesn’t say a word and walks off.  Meanwhile Rosemary is looking for Bravo while Taya is yelling for him.  Kylie says he took his bag and left.  Rosemary loses it.  Rosemary wants Kylie, who is scared and just wanted to help.

Match 4.  Kylie Rae VS Rosemary

Taya serves as the special referee.  Kylie is taunted by Taya and Rosemary attacks her from behind.  Kylie takes Rosemary down with a hip toss.  She frustrates Rosemary with submission holds.  She then rolls up Rosemary, but Taya gives a slow count.  Kylie sensing this is going nowhere, grabs the nose of Rosemary and pretends to take it off her face.  She does the thumb between the fingers trick to taunt Rosemary.  Rosemary believing it is really off her face, demands it back.  Taya says it is on her face.  They call Kylie a liar.  Rosemary loses it and stomps Kylie in the corner.  Kylie eventually escapes and uppercuts her and splashes her in the corner.  Taya again slow counts the pin attempt.  Rosemary hits a spear.  Taya fast counts Rosemary’s pin, but Kylie kicks out.  Bravo shows up and chants her name.  Rosemary is all smiles, which gives Kylie a chance to connect with a Superkick and get the win.

Winner Kylie Rae

Bravo comes to the aid of Rosemary in the ring.  They talk about their budding love until Taya notices Bravo and pulls him off by his ear.

Back at the Impact Zone, Anderson is shown talking to Gallows on the phone.  He says he will be down to get him asap.  Fulton and Ace attack Anderson and take him out.

Hernandez is shown backstage propositioning Reno Scum to help him get his money back from Rhino.

Match 5. Chris Bey and Rohit Raju VS Fallah Bahh and TJP

Matthews questions the validity of Rohit’s friendship.  He thinks he just wants the X Division Championship and TJP start off for their teams.  The two trade arm twists and spinning cartwheel reverses.  TJP hits a shoulder block and some other quick moves that don’t necessarily hurt, but embarrass the champion.  Bahh tags in and they double team Bey as we go to break.

Rohit has an armbar on TJP as we get back to action.  He successfully uses different arm holds to keep TJP from making a tag.  Bey does more of the same as he tags in.  TJP hits a donkey kick to break the hold.  Bahh and Rohit tag in.  Rohit hits a huge knee that downs Bahh. Both men make a tag.  TJP hits a spring board forearm into a back suplex.  This match is non stop.  TJP misses a swonton.  Bahh break up a pin attempt.  TJP puts Bey in a cross arm breaker and he taps!

Winners..  Fallah and TJP

Rich Swann comes to the ring back in crutches.  His leg is in a boot.  He is here to make an announcement.  I’ll try to paraphrase his words, With heart, hard work, dedication, love and support he was able to become a professional wrestler.  He said he lived his dream despite the people who didn’t think he could do it.

In January he had a horrible leg injury that was supposed to end his career.  He said went home and pushed himself as hard as he could to prove the doctor wrong.

He says he new he was better and went to the doctor and the doctor admitted he was wrong.  Rich said he came back to be the Impact World Champion.  The doctor cleared him to wrestle.

Once again, he gave it his all and fought with heart for the championship.  He explained how pinning EY was going to get him closer to his dream, but EY couldn’t handle it and became jealous.  The 7 months on the shelf meant nothing to EY.

Fast forward, Rich is right back where he was 7 months ago.  This time the doctor says it is going to be different.  He will not be able to live a normal life if he comes back to the ring.

Rich says he needs to think about his family and his future.  He has to retire.  He just wanted to thank everyone who supported him.  He wanted to thank the boys and girls in the back, the production team and the commentators.  He is grateful for the 15 years he had in the business.

The locker room empties out to the ring to salute him and show support.  Swann is brought to tears.  He walks the ramp up to the top of the stage.

Shockingly, EY comes out and takes out Rich and grabs the crutch and smashes the leg again!  The wrestlers all charge the stage as EY runs off and the show ends.



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