Banks: “we are giving our best”

Aug 3, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

The Metro interviewed WWE superstar Sasha Banks….

‘We want the best for the company, we want the best for the future women, we want the best for everybody, for all the fans, for all the people that are aspiring to [be] WWE superstars.

‘We want the best for everybody. Because we want the best, we are giving our best. We are wanting to be the best together. So I’m just having the greatest time with her by my side.’

She also paid tribute to her idols, Dusty Rhodes and Eddie Guerrero….

‘My two idols, my legends, the people who helped me get to this place,’ she beamed. ‘It’s not just Eddie Guerrero, it’s not just Dusty Rhodes. Every day, I find different people that inspire me, to make me want to get better. …. ‘I feel it’s so important that we go out there in this world, we find inspiration – even people in the street. We can see people do nice things for people and that can change your life.’

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