Taylor Wilde Discusses Her Planned Return to the Ring

Aug 1, 2020 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, Taylor Wilde was planning a return to the ring earlier this year for Impact Wrestling’s cancelled Lockdown event. Fightful recently interviewed Taylor Wilde, who discussed how the global COVID-19 pandemic hindered plans for her return, which involved her being part of a TNA versus Impact storyline. Below are some highlights.

Wilde on when she decided to make a return to wrestling: “Truth be told, I had decided to go back to wrestling [at] the end of March. I was going to go back for an IMPACT! [Wrestling] date in Canada. I was ready to start the Taylor Wilde 2.0 career and then corona happened and obviously changed the face of the world as we know it. I’m Canadian, the borders are, to some degree, closed unless you’re an essential worker and you have paperwork. Professional wrestlers aren’t high up there on work VISAs. So, I’ve always thought of doing this and it just seems like the right time. Especially because a lot more people are home or living a lower key life, they’re more interested in things like podcasts. So, it’s a platform that I hadn’t utilized before and I’m really excited about.”

On how things didn’t pan out for her return in March for a TNA vs. Impact storyline due to the pandemic: “Yeah, like I said it was for the March date. It was a few things surrounding it that made it made sense for it to be [a] Canadian date since I live in Toronto. I think there was some talk about the TNA versus Impact [storyline], but again it literally was happening as the world was changing. There wasn’t anything concrete and I’m not sharing. Things were just changing so quickly.”

On who campaigned for her to return: “It was kind of a team thing. There are some friends that I have in the knockouts locker room. I’d taken my son to a show recently, so there were a few connections.”

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