Logan Creed Talks MLW’s Deals During the Pandemic, Classic NWA Fandom, and Beyond

Jul 29, 2020 - by James Walsh

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: MLW’s Logan Creed
Date: 07/29/20
Your Host: James Walsh

While MLW has not been filming new episodes of Fusion with new matches due to the COVID019 pandemic, they have not stopped working in the background so when the world does begin turning again, more people than ever before will have MLW available to them. Join us as we welcome one of MLW’s rising stars and a monster of a man to discuss MLW’s moves, his signing with them, and beyond as Logan Creed steps into the Epicenter!

Logan Creed is a 6’8, 315 pound big man wrestler who even the likes of the Dynasty used as muscle. Now out on his own, the big man who can work and knows his wrestling history is out on his own running wild over the MLW roster.

Join us as we talk about his fandom of classic NWA/WCW wrestling, how his mom helped him to take this second shot at wrestling, what influence Luke Gallows had on him, and beyond!

Visit www.MLW.com or more details on upcoming events and the latest exposure for Major League Wrestling!

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