AEW Dynamite Results 7/29/20

Jul 29, 2020 - by Alicia Fleming

We are welcomed on the broadcast the El Champion, Chris Jericho.


Match 1: Inner Circle vs Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Trent, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus w/ 20 min time limit

Orange Cassidy and Jake Hager start things off. Cassidy hits a drop kick as he puts his hands back in his pocket. Quickly after, everyone runs into the ring. Things quickly get out of hand as the inner circle end up on the outside. Luchasaurus with Marco on his back dives onto everyone to take everyone out.

Orange Cassidy is now in the ring by himself just chilling. His whole team gets in and they all hug. Sammy comes in the ring and gets beat down by everyone. As things get back to normal, Jake Hager tags out to Sammy. Sammy tags in in Chris. As Jericho tries to slowed the pace down until Trent hits a diving drop kick to try and break them up. The Inner Circle is making quick and efficient tags in and out to keep everyone fresh.

Trent is being being grounded but gets a quick clothesline but is shut down even quicker. Hager tags back in and puts him in the sleeper. Hager is trying to keep Sammy on the Inner Circle’s side but Sammy is showing his resilience and tags in Luchasaurus and he quickly cleans house. He is one on one with Hager as they exchange punches. Hager hits a huge clothesline to take Luchasaurus down. Things break down once again as everyone is hitting their finishers on each other. Lucha is left in the ring and Sammy takes a Chokeslam from a distraction from Matt Hardy to get the 1-2-3!

Winner: Luchasaurus, Trent, Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, Jungle Boy.

We come back from the commercial break to see Jon Moxley cut a promo on tonight’s Tag match against Brian Cage.

Match 2: Cody Rhodes vs Warhorse for the TNT Championship

Warhorse gets a couple quick moves to start things off. Cody tries to reverse but Warhorse holds on. Grounds Cody to the mat in a arm lock. Cody gets frustrated after he gets out of the arm lock that he slides to the outside to talk with Arn Anderson. He gets back in and wrestles him to the mat. Cody gets caught by warhorse in a huge clothesline with a quick 2 fall pin. Cody slides to the outside once again.

Warhorse goes for a backdrop but Cody reverses. He puts him on the top rope and hits a massive superplex on Warhorse with a quick 2 count pin. Cody then starts doing pushups to show off.

Cody starts hitting some basic ground and pound on his feet and legs, nails a body slam for another quick count kickout. Cody puts Warhorse into a half Boston crab leg lock in the middle of the ring but warhorse is able to get to the rope for a break. Cody pulls him into the middle once again for a figure 4 but its quickly reversed and broken.

Warhorse is bringing the fight to Cody! He has quickly turned the tables and grounding Cody Rhodes. Cody slides to the outside as but Warhorse jumps and stomps on his back to keep the advantage. He rolls Cody back into the ring, goes to the top and nails a beautiful elbow drop into another 2 count.

Cody and Warhorse exchange some quick pins with counters to pick up the pace. Warhorse shuts down Cody and goes for another high risk but is able to counter by jumping down to safety. Cody runs and kicks him int he knee and locks on a Fatal 4 Leg lock again. Warhorse is in trouble and quickly taps out.

Winner: AND still TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes.


After the match, Cody is beaten down by the dark order and Matt Cardona makes his debut and helps save Cody! He goes to the outside to see Cody and Arn as we go to another commercial.

We are joined by Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle, they are furious about Matt Hardy. Jericho announces in two weeks, Cassidy will get a rematch. Jericho also has challenged Orange Cassidy to a debate in 1 week.

We see a video of a contract signing with FDR. Hangman comes in with Whiskey to celebrate.

Match 3: Stu Grayson and Evil Uno (Dark Order) vs Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page for the AEW Tag Team Championship

Omega starts it off by Uno attacking him. Quickly there is a double team. Stu gets gets in there with Omega trying to reverse momentum.  Omega and Page hits a double team chop fest. Page hits a few moves to get the upper hand, then hits a cross body to the outside. Uno surprises Page on the outside. He puts Page back in for a quick near fall. Evil Uno has slowed things down and is focusing on Page’s hand. They exchange a few quick tag in’s to keep momentum on their side. Omega is being sidelined out of the match while Page is in trouble, Omega has to come in quickly to break a quick pinfall.

Page is trying to make an escape but Uno keeps him from tagging out. The Dark Order is quick on the double teaming and grounding Page to the mat. They are dominating this match, so Uno does a bow to the ringside crowd. Once again, Page attemps a breakout but gets shutdown until he is able to stumbles into Omega and gets the tag. Page tags himself back in and hits a forearm as he gets his second wind. He tags Omega back in.

The Dark Order takes back over, Omega is in trouble after a double team move but Page quickly breaks up the pin. Dark Order hits some quick tag team moves and keeps getting quick falls. Evil Uno is in the ring with Omega, Omega reverses it but Uno hits a big neckbreaker but omega is hit hard with a splash by Grayson. Omega hits Uno in the back of the head and gets a quick 2 count.

Page and Omega catch uno with their double team finisher with a pinfall 1-2-3!

Winner: STILL Tag Team Champions, Hangman Page & Kenny Omega.

Brodie Lee is attacking Evil Uno for losing, Brodie says this isnt all of the dark order as people come out and surround the ring. As they attack, FDR is helping out the Elite with the attack. Brodie is laughing while they are attacked.

Britt Baker is cutting a promo on Big Swole, saying she will face someone of her choosing.

Match 4: Hikaru Shida vs Diamante

Shida goes to shake hands but she is shoved away. Diamante is grounding and pounding Shida in the middle of the ring. They roll to the outside quickly. This is a very back and forth match. A lot of back and forth strikes.

Shida goes up top and hits a missle dropkick. Shida kicks Diamante but she fires back with right hands. Diamante reverses a superplex attempt by slamming her down into the ropes. Diamante hits some chops in the corner, she hits a wheelbarrow stunner for a quick 2-count. Shida punches Diamante and hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Shida Poses and hits a running knee for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose is backstage in a interview on the women’s tag tournament.

MJF comes out for a State of the Union Address.

Commerical Break

MJF cuts a promo in the ring on Jon Moxley on how he is the future of AEW, he challenges Moxley for the World Title, and he says he will see him at All Out because AEW deserves better.

Up Next:

Darby Allin and Jon Moxley vs Brian Cage and Ricky Starks

Match 5: Jon Moxley & Darby Allin vs Brian Cage & Ricky Starks

Moxley comes to the ring and Darby appears to be a no-show. Starks and Cage are discussing taking Darby out last week.

They make their way to the ring but Darby attacks them from the back. Moxley comes to the stage as they take on Starks and Cage outside the ring. Cage chases Moxley to the ring, and Moxley gets in the ring and hits a big dive to the outside on Cage. Moxley grabs a trashcan doesnt get a chance to use it because of Starks. Cage hits Moxley in the back with the trashcan.

Cage and Starks takes Moxley to the middle of the ring and doubles him. Darby comes in to break up the double team on him, Darby hits a big dropkick on Starks in the corner.

Things gets out of hand as Cage catches Darby while holding Moxley and slams them both down. Cage and Starks is double teaming on Darby, they get a quick 2 count before Moxley comes in with a chair.

Cage hits a buckle bomb on Darby, Moxley gets in the way to bock it. Allin pulls a skateboard out from under the ring and there are thumbtacks under the board. Allin leaps off the top rope and double stomps the thumbtacks on starks back with a cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Jon Moxley & Darby Allin

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