Jul 28, 2020 - by Scott Porter

The show opens up with a recap of last week’s show.  It features an EC3, Eddie Edwards VS Trey, The Good Brothers tension with Madman Fulton and Ace Austin, and the MCMG’s Championship win over The North last week.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on the call for another week of Impact Wrestling.  They are making the call from the Impact Arena.  The scene is an empty arena, lit stage and ring.

Match 1. Trey Miguel VS Eddie Edwards (champion) for the Impact World Championship

Trey enters first with Edwards quickly behind.  The two square off cautiously, and shake hands.  They start off with a collar and elbow tie up.  Trey hip tosses Edwards and then arm drags Eddie.  Eddie whips him off the ropes and gets hit with a bulldog then a head scissors.  After a dropkick, Trey leans in on a headlock.  Edwards stands out of the hold and headbutts Trey.  Eddie connects with an inverted atomic drop and over head suplex.  Eddie stays on the offensive with chops and headlocks.  Eddie drew a two count off a spinning powerbomb.  Eddie whips Trey into the turnbuckle and gets another two count.  Trey is looking tired, but hits a step up kick and sunset flip.  He gets a two count with a reverse kick into a cutter and then drags Eddie to the corner where he climbs the ropes.   Eddie lifts the knees to Trey as he tried a split legged moonsault.  Eddie and Trey trade chops as we go to break.

The two are still trading strong style, forearms as we return.  Trey hits a cutter bouncing off the bottom rope that earns him a two count.  That was cool.  Trey misses from the top rope, but hits a ranna.  Edwards recovers and hits a close line and Tigerdriver.  Trey amazingly kicks out at two.  Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party and gets the 3 count.

Winner and Still Champion.. Eddie Edwards

EY enters and Edwards immediately challenges him to come to the ring.  EY threatens, but then says, “Sleep Well” and exits.

Josh and Madison quickly cover tonight’s show.

Wrestle House Segment.

The crew is back again in this comedy sketch segment.  The show focuses mostly about trying to figure out who’s house they are hanging out in.  The show is a spoof of the Real World.  Apparently it is Tommy Dreamers investment house.  Taya ends the segment asking how long she needs to be there.  Rosemary bites and apple, looks at Bravo, and says as long as it takes.  I can see this parody doing well on YouTube.

Talkin Shop A-Mania will air this weekend on Fite.

Back to Wrestle House…  The Deaners and XXXL argue until Kylie Rae and Susie make them call a truce.  Tommy says they are all there for the opportunity to win a Million Dollars.  Everyone is excited except Rosemary.  She tells everyone that is not true.  Tommy says it is a six bedroom house.  At that moment all the people realize there is not enough bedrooms for everyone.  They all scramble for the available rooms.  This makes for some silly television.  There is even a ring outside.  Acey Romero and Crazzy Steve have a match to decide who gets to sleep in the ring.

Match 2.  Crazzy Steve VS Acey Romero

Steve makes Romero chase him around outside until he finally catches him and flings him across the ring.  Steve gains his composure and goes back to making Romero chase him.  Once Romero catches him, he chokes him out and wins the ring.  The segment ends.

Fallah and TJP are interrupted backstage by Rahit.  After clowning Rahit for a while, Rahit asks TJP is he would be interested in getting a match with Chris Bey.  TJP says yes, so Rahit runs to tell Bey.  Rahit tells Bey that TJP wants a match and needs him to have his back.  Bey agrees.  It almost appears Rahit set up this match just so Bey would need him.  TJP will have Fallah at ringside to have his back.

Ace and Fulton are interviewed about The Good Brothers.  He says the new guys have their attention.  He and Fulton will be especially paying attention tonight when they face Reno Scum.

A vignette for the Motor City Machine Guns is next.  It shows them beating up the Dudleys, Beer Money and others.  The North are shown backstage.  Alexander is doing the talking because Ethan Page is too upset to speak.  Josh says they are not done and will get a rematch.  He says this is far from over.  Page tries to speak, but is almost in tears and walks off.

Flashback Match.  The MCMGs defeat Beer Money to win the TNA World Tag Team Championships.  The match featured a disputed pin where Brian and Earl Hebner argued over a double pin.

RVD and Katie Forbes are shown getting ready for her photo shoot unveiling.

EC3 is shown in a pre taped video segment.  He reminds us that he has the longest winning streak in the promotion’s history and he beat Sting as well as other HOF wrestlers.  Then he says WHO CARES.   He says when he looks in the mirror he sees failure in his soul.  He is here to destroy his past so he can have a real future.  He could care less that he was a champion.

Moose is shown backstage being interviewed by Gia.  He reminds everyone how impressive his win was last week against Fallah Bahh.  Gia brings up EC3’s attack after the match.  Moose says he will not grant a title match with him.  Heath walks in and says he has been contracted by TNA and they want him to get a match.  Moose says there is no TNA, then realizes he just made fun of himself.  Moose says he will face him next week.  Scott D’Amore enters and says if you beat Moose, you will have a roster spot.

Match 3.   Kimber Lee VS Deonna Purrazzo (Knockout’s Champion)  Non Title Match

After sucker punching Lee last week, Purrazzo finds herself in a match.  This is Lee’s biggest match since joining the roster.  Lee is quick to the offense and has Purrazzo running from the ring.  Deonna re enters and gets taken down with a stiff kick.  Lee then uses her legs to put on a version of the full nelson.  She then moves to a scissor hold around the waste and rolls Deonna for a two count.  Purrazzo finally escapes and stomps the back of the elbow.  Then attacks the wrist and arm more by twisting it so much it twirls Lee over.  Deonna lays in several boots to Lee in the corner and twists the arm around the ropes.  Josh mentions Purrazzo is putting on a wrestling clinic.  Lee clamps on an illegal octopus hold in the ropes.  Purrazzo crumbles and Lee gets a two count.  Lee arrogantly kicks Purrazzo.  Deonna then begins trading blows with Kimber Lee.  Purrazzo takes a German suplex and kicks out at two.  Purrazzo regains control with the Fujiwara Armbar.  Lee taps out.

Winner Deonna Purrazzo.

Jordynne Grace comes out and attacks Deonna after faking an arm injury.  Purrazzo flees the ring and Grace throws the belt at her.

Katie Forbes is shown walking confidently backstage.  Sami Callahan walks by her and she acts like she has no idea who he is.  She says get the fans out of here.

Brian Myers vignette airs.  He is coming!

Wrestle House is back.  Swinger tells Steve he can bunk with him.  Steve gives an evil laugh and accepts.  The Deaners are shown snoring, and then yelling at each other over who was the snorer.  Tommy Dreamer was hiding in the bed.  He says this can be handled in the ring in the morning.  They all go back to sleep.

Match 4 The Deaners go at it for the bedroom rights.

Fast forward to the morning.  The match is happening in the ring.  The cousins have another silly match.  Cody refuses to say he snored even in a sleeper.  Cousin Jake finally hits a reverse sit out powerbomb and gets the pin.  Alisha Edwards is the referee and admits she doesn’t know Cousin Jake’s name.  She also looks to scared to raise his hand in victory.  Jake helps up Cody and says he is sorry for doing that to him.  The two hug it out to the delight of everyone.  Cody is then shown looking at a beautiful RV sometime later and says that will work.  The segment ends as we go to commercial.

Winner. Cousin Jake

Sami Callahan and Ken Shamrock are talking backstage.  Sami is looking for an explanation as to why he blew it in their tag match last week.  Shamrock says he can’t think and exits.  Sami looks annoyed.  From down the hall, RVD and Katie see Sami.  Katie says that is the guy that was creeping on her.  RVD storms Sami and says you can look, but stay away from her.  Sami agrees just so he doesn’t have to deal with him or her.  The backstage segment ends.

RVD and Katie Forbes head out to the ring holding hands and kissing.  The Free99 segment is next.  Katie says she will reveal her pay site photos on TV.  Katie says she is so excited to be herself again.  She is implying it is time for her to show nude photos.  She even warns parents to put the children to sleep.  Sami apparently has hijacked the website photos on the jumbotron, and his face is shown  superimposed over her face on all her pictures.  (She was wearing clothes.)  Katie has a temper tantrum in the ring.

The Rascalz, Wentz and Dez are shown in the treehouse without Trey.  They are talking about Trey not being there and figuring out who else should hang with them.  Suicide is shown next to them with smoke oozing from his mask.  The group seem to be smoking something.  I’m not sure what?  Hmmm.  Suicide is hungry and trying to eat threw his mask.  The segment ends.

Next week.  Moose will face Heath,  Rahit Raju and Bey VS Fallah and TJP, Jimmy Jacobs will interview the MCMGs, Eddie Edwards will face someone not named.

Former X Division Champion, Rich Swann is shown from home.  He is very upset because after 7 months he finally returned only to have EY go off the rails took his championship opportunity and maybe his lively hood.  He doesn’t want to talk about the injury now, but he will be back next week to discuss it.

Match 5.   The Good Brothers VS Reno Scum

Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe are the first to head to the ring.  Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows enter next.  Matthews mentions their championship runs in NJPW.  He even mentions their wins by name at the Tokyo Dome.  Adam and Machine Gun Anderson start off.  Anderson locks up a side headlock, whip, shoulder block combo.  Adam fires back with shots of his own in the corner, but Anderson quickly reverses that and backdrops Adam off the ropes.  Doc tags in and throws several hook punches, followed by sever elbow drops.  Adam is double teamed as Karl tags back in.  Luster can do nothing but watch.  Ace Austin walks out to ringside.  The distraction allows Adam to tag finally.  Luster uses his partners head as a battering ram on Anderson.  Anderson is draped over the 2nd rope and Luster throws repeated forearms to the face.  Luster uses fists, his head and the turnbuckle to take Anderson off his feet.  Adam tags back in.  Anderson cannot gain an advantage and takes a standing moonsault from Thornstowe.  Luster tags in, but he and Adam lay on the double team moves before Adam leaves.  After a few quick tags, Thornstowe lays on a side headlock.  He tries a Impaler DDT, but Karl blocks it and hits a sidewalk slam.  He makes the tag to Doc Gallows, who storms the ring and hits a running clothesline, then takes Luster off the apron with an elbow to the head.  After several more clotheslines to Thornstowe, Luster crawls back in the ring and eats a pump kick.  Anderson tags back in and they hit The Magic Killer for the win.

Winners The Good Brothers

Ace runs to the ring apron, then just as quickly retreats.  Luster tries to jump the GBs from behind, but he gets tossed from the ring.  Ace then tries to sneak in, but is caught.  Fulton comes from under the ring.  The teams then brawl to the backstage.   They use doors and tables in their brawl in the back.  Fulton tosses Gallows into a garage door, but Gallows recovers.  Ace and Anderson battle it out as well. Gallows connects with another pump kick to Fulton, who apparently took out the cameraman and the show ends.







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