Triple H appears on Pat McAfee Show to discuss Adam Cole altercation

Jul 27, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Triple H appeared live on the Pat McAfee show today to discuss Adam Cole’s altercation with McAfee from this past Thursday, an altercation which ended with Cole storming off the show and telling McAfee “f*ck off” multiple times.

Triple H said that he likes both Cole and McAfee and thinks they’re both very passionate about what they do and classified this as one huge misunderstanding. He said that it’s well known in WWE that Cole and McAfee had a “contentious relationship” behind the scenes.

HHH noted that Cole had asked for his permission to be on McAfee’s show and said to himself that he hopes “that goes well” knowing the history between the two. Triple H put over Cole as being one of the nicest guys in the world and thinks that McAfee was being a “professional button pusher” during the segment and Cole was a bit over-sensitive to what McAfee was saying.

Asked if the two spoke since then, Triple H said that he spoke with Adam but he didn’t ask him to put out an apology or anything, saying he’s a grown man and responsible for his actions. Triple H pointed out that Cole apologized regardless.

Triple H told McAfee that some people backstage see him as somewhat of an enemy because he’s not part of the business, yet, he keeps attacking the people working there. He said that Cole is a human being and had a bad day last week. “There were moments where he gets agitated and you kept your foot on the gas,” Triple H said. “I feel like I’m talking to my kids right now!”

McAfee acknowledged that he “poked the bear” more than he thought after he rewatched the whole interview. “Did you fine him?” McAfee asked Triple H. “With all due respect, that’s not something I would discuss on here with you,” Triple H responded.

Triple H said that Cole made a mistake and reached out to apologize and he hopes that McAfee reciprocates and invited McAfee to sit down with Cole in a room and be honest with each other. McAfee said he needs to figure out how this can go down and Triple H invited him on NXT to promote his show and said if they want to do it on camera, great, and if they want to do it in a room just the two alone without any publicity, that’s great as well.

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