Dax dealt with knee injury, as WWE wouldn’t allow him to undergo surgery

Jul 27, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


Here are some quotes from our recent interview FTR. As part of our ‘Watch List’ feature, Dax and Cash praised their American Alpha trilogy of matches, including the one that almost didn’t happen. The two explained that Dax was dealing with a knee injury but the fans never caught on, and Dax said WWE wouldn’t let him have surgery to fix it until a few months later.

Cash: “I can’t single out a match either. I love the trilogy with American Alpha. I think the most overlooked match of that, and probably one of my favorites was the two-out-of-three falls with American Alpha. I think it’s overlooked because it was a TakeOver match—and this is no offense to Full Sail—but it was held at Full Sail instead of on the road before a WrestleMania or before a SummerSlam. It’s a smaller arena, it’s a more intimate atmosphere and if you look at Brooklyn or Toronto, those crowds are just off the charts all night. I think that added something to those matches. As far as in-ring work and all four guys just going and just giving it every single thing they have—especially knowing Dax could barely walk going through that because his knee was bothering him at that point…”

Dax: “That’s another story.”

Cash: “Just a little aside with his knee, he ended up having surgery not long after this to get his knee cleaned out. His knee locked up…”

Dax: “Real quick, Cash, I’ll let you finish but that was in July and they wouldn’t let me have the surgery until October.”

Cash: “His knee locked up maybe three minutes before the match and we’re all freaking out because he can’t walk and by the grace of God, with a last-minute Hail Mary, the bone chip that was locking it up moved out and he was able to get through the match. But to watch the match back, you would have no idea that he was a one-legged man minutes before that. That’s one of the matches where I’m so proud of it and I wish that it got more love than it does because we all poured our hearts into it. Obviously I like the DIY stuff, the tag match where we won the titles on RAW for the first time from [Chad] Gable and Bobby [Roode] is another one of my favorites.”

source: Wrestlezone

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