Naomi Compares Lacey Evans to Sloth from the Goonies

Jul 26, 2020 - by James Walsh

WWE announced that Naomi and Lacey Evans will face each other again later this week on Smackdown. Ahead of the match, Naomi and Lacey Evans got into it over Twitter, with Naomi comparing Evans to Sloth from the movie, The Goonies. Evans later responded, which you can see below.

Initially, Naomi wrote, “Maybe it’s just me but I thought this was @LaceyEvansWWE,” when seeing a gif image of Sloth. Evans later responded, “That’s it ya nasty. I’m coming for blood…Wig. And all your teeth. Nail polish and i wont apologize to your ‘fans’ who think what you tweeted is funny. #NothingButNasties Y’all wanted a reason to feel sorry for her. THE REASON IS COMING FRIDAYYY. #NaomiDeservesNothing”

Naomi later tweeted in reply, “Braids are not a wig, sis. My teeth are strong as steel and my fans don’t want or need a stank apology from you.”

Evans then commented, “I wouldn’t know. My golden locks and apologies are as natural as they come (neither of which will YOU or your FANS be getting a hold of). And as far as your teeth…we will see how strong they are FRIDAY. Now LEAVE ME ALONE. I’m busy. Feeding my chickens, ya nasty.”

Naomi then compared Evans’ hair to the Cynthia doll from the Rugrats cartoon. She tweeted, “Golden locks girl that bleach got you looking like Cynthia.” An angry Evan then wrote, “PSA: I WILL BE SELLING WHATEVER HAIR I CAN SNATCH OUT OF @NaomiWWE HEAD ON FRIDAY BECAUSE SHE HAS COMPLETELY PISSED ME OFF. STAND BY FOR PRICES.”

Naomi and Lacey Evans will have the chance to face each other again on Friday, July 31 on Friday Night Smackdown on the FOX Network. You can view their complete back and forth Twitter exchange below:

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