Cody: “Lance [Archer] has that special big-man quickness”

Jul 26, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Cody did a Q&A on Twitter and discussed his match with Warhorse this week, the scariest wrestler he can imagine and more. You can see some highlights from the TNT Champion’s “Ask Cody” session below:

On how he’s preparing for Warhorse: “Feverishly – like always. He’s got a groundswell of support and buzz, that usually comes for good reason. Is he on my level? I don’t think so. But I am not taking him lightly. I want to hold this belt until I retire. 1-time champ.”

On the scariest wrestler he could imagine: “Vader probably…The agility combined with such overwhelming power. Lance [Archer] has that special big-man quickness too.”

On underrated wrestlers: “Underrated and underutilized often get misconstrued and bundled together. So specifically “underrated” – guys who don’t get enough credit for their in-ring game…Spears and Claudio.”

On AEW’s naysayers: “It’s new. It’s unknown. Its also very aggressive in delivery and it’s marketing. I think the late 90s’ template for the current situation is the only reference people have sometimes, but respectfully that ecosystem doesn’t fit ours. This is very new territory & it’s fan made.”

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