Adam Cole and Pat McAfee exchange f-bombs during live show in a heated segment

Jul 23, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

An appearance by former NXT champion Adam Cole on the Pat McAfee Show went sideways after McAfee kept pressing the wrong buttons and Cole flipped, cutting the interview short with several f-bombs.

McAfee kept picking Cole apart and said that he is not as good as Shawn Michaels even though several fans compare to the two. The former NFL player also told Cole that he needed his Undisputed Era buddies to make his name and their help as well when defending his title most of the time.

Cole said that he understands that McAfee is trying to do his job but he was being a “total dick” considering he took time out from visiting with his family to make it to the show.

Cole then turned the table on McAfee, mocking him for his NFL career calling him just a punter who “just happened to kick a football every now and then” and called him a psycho.

After calling Cole “small,” the leader of the Undisputed Era had enough. “F*ck you, Pat. Seriously…I am sick of your shit! I come all the way here, take time away from my family to come to do your stupid f*cking show and you’re going to continue to disrespect me,” Cole said as he stood a few feet away from McAfee.

When someone from the show goes next to Cole to calm him down, Cole shoved him pretty hard and told him not touch him. “F*ck you, McAfee, f*ck you,” Cole screamed as he exited.

“No, f*ck you! Get out of here,” responded McAfee.

Work? Shoot? Who cares, it was entertaining! You can see it below.

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