WWE Reportedly Trying to Keep Sane with the Company

Jul 22, 2020 - by James Walsh

Kairi Sane is set to appear on next week’s WWE RAW.

As we’ve noted, Sane is headed back to Japan to be with her husband, who she just married in February of this year after a long term relationship. She reportedly finished up with WWE at Monday’s TV tapings, which included this week’s episode and next Monday’s show. Fightful Select now reports that Sane will be appearing during next week’s show.

WWE officials have reportedly made a big effort to keep Sane, and pitched several ideas to keep her on the payroll. It was noted that more specifically they are trying to keep her away from other pro wrestling companies. Many of the ideas include having Sane return to Japan to work for the company in a variety of roles, from a trainer to an Ambassador. It was reported several weeks back, when news of Sane’s departure first hit, that there was talk of keeping Sane on as a WWE Ambassador in Japan.

There’s no word yet on what WWE has planned for Sane next week, which looks to be her final appearance for the company under this run. She won a non-title match over WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion & SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley this week. Next Monday’s RAW will feature Bayley’s partner, Sasha Banks, challenging RAW Women’s Champion Asuka with the title on the line. The title can be decided by pinfall, submission, count out or DQ, including outside interference.

WWE has had plans to write Sane out of the company with an injury angle, which would then set up the attacker vs. Asuka for a title match at SummerSlam. WWE brought Shayna Baszler back on this week’s RAW, showing her watching the Sane vs. Bayley match from backstage. She was interviewed during that segment and commented on having a vested interest in the match, as a shark would watch its prey. Baszler vs. Asuka was considered for SummerSlam at one point, so it’s possible that we will see Baszler send Sane packing next week.

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